Users working in the admin side of Omeka sites can use a HTML editor, powered by TinyMCE, to style and format text, to add links, and to embed multimedia.

Use the Editor

Enable the editor by clicking the check box below an element. When this is clicked, you will see a formatting toolbar at the top of the element input.

Title element field with Use HTML checked You can use the buttons in the formatting tool bar to bold, italicize,underline, justify, and link words, or add bullet points. Please be aware that CSS formatting in specific exhibit theme may control the appearance of this text, so the editor may not always reflect how the final page looks.

If you want to write HTML code by hand, or embed web objects, such as videos from YouTube or ArtBabble, click on the HTML button and an HTML Source Editor window will appear to you.

Exhibit htmleditor.png

In this window, you may paste text that will embed videos or other web-generated elements. If you try to paste in a string of code into the text window (first image above), the text will not be saved and the object you are trying to embed will not appear on your page. You may add other HTML tags (see below for more on what is allowed) through this interface.

Once you have finished coding the page, click Update.

Allowed Tags

Omeka uses the default rule set from TinyMCE. For a complete list see default rule set from TinyMCE.

To change the allowed tags, go to your security settings.