Tags are keywords or phrases that describe a piece of data. They are non-hierarchical labels that classify your content so that it is easily found. You can add tags to Items and Exhibits.

Omeka Classic: Managing Collections and Tags from Omeka on Vimeo.

To manage your tags, sign into the Omeka Classic admin panel and select Tags from the left-hand navigation bar. This displays all the tags associated with records in your Omeka Classic installation. You may edit and delete tags, sort tags, and view items associated with individual tag.

Tags in left nav

Browse Tags Page

On the Browse Tags page, all tags used in your installation appear on the right side of the page, while on the left, next to the navigation, are options for search and an explanation of the tag display.

Browse tags page

Each tag used on your site appears as a unit which gives you the following (per the number labels in the above image):

  1. The number of items with that tag
  2. The name of the tag
  3. The option to delete the tag.

A tag labeled with sections labelled with 1, 2, and 3.

Sort Tags

There are four button options for sorting the tags, found above the tag cluster.

Close up of the sort buttons labelled Name, Count, and Date Created. Name is highlighted a slightly darker color than the others and a triangle pointing up indicates the sort is ascending.

From left to right, they are:

  • Name: The default sort for tags; sorts in alphabetical order by tag name. Click again to sort in reverse alphabetical order (arrow will point down).
  • Count: Initially sorts tags by number of associated records with the largest number first. Click again, so that the arrow which appears next to it points up, to sort with the smallest number occurrences first.
  • Date Created: Sorts records by date created. Default is oldest tags first.

An upward pointing triangle indicates an ascending sort. A downwards pointing triangle indicates a descending sort.

In addition, there is a drop-down menu to the right of the sort options to limit the tags displayed by Record Types

Close up of the record types selector, showing the options for All, Exhibit, and Item

If you have tags on your exhibits as well as items, you can narrow down the tags displayed to show only those associated with items or those associated with exhibits.

From the Record Types dropdown, select from the following options:

  • All
  • Exhibit
  • Item.

Note that if you do not have any exhibits tagged, you will still see the dropdown for Record Types - your options will be All and Items.

When you have restricted display by record type, it will not show up in the dropdown but will display near the top of the page. To reset, either select "all" from the dropdown or click the blue "reset" button next to the Record Type message.

Shows the browse tags page including search, tag info display, and tags. A red arrow points to a message stating "Record Type: Exhibit" next to the search bar

Search Tags

In addition to the site-wide content search, you can search just tags using the "Search tags" field in the upper left of the browse tags page, near the left-hand navigation bar.

Closeup of the browse tags page, showing the page header. Immediately below it is an empty text field with a green Search tags button attached. A red arrow points to the text field.

Enter your search terms in this box. Note that this is broad search is for tags containing the search term: a search for "century" will return both "19th century" and "twentieth century."

Once your search is complete, the search box will appear empty. Your search term is displayed above the tag browse, to the right of the tag search.

Browse tags page showing the results of a search for the word "century". Two tags are displayed - 19th century and 20th century, and above them is an icon of a magnifying glass with the text "Name contains: century"

Clear your search terms and return to regular tag browse by clicking the "Reset search" button.

Same image as above with a red arrow pointing to a blue button beside the Name Contains message. The button reads "reset results"

If you have restricted record types to Exhibit or Item tags, the search will return results for those record types only.

View Tagged Items

To view items associated with an individual tag, you need to be viewing only tags associated with Item record types.

  1. From the Record Type filter, choose Items.
  2. Find the tag whose items you want to view.
  3. Click on the number to the left of the name of your tag.
  4. A browse page opens displaying only items tagged with the tag you clicked.

Edit a Tag

You can rename a tag from this page. Tags edited in the admin panel change on all items across the site wherever they appear.


To edit a tag:

  • Click on the name of the tag you wish to edit.
  • Enter changes you would like to make in the field.
  • Hit Enter and your tag is saved with its new name.

When editing, you cannot use an existing tag. For example, if you have 5 items tagged with "banana" and 2 items tagged with "bananana", you cannot edit the misspelled tag to the correct spelling. You would need to edit the items with the tag you want to remove, adding the desired tag and deleting the undesired tag. You can use the batch-edit function to add tags to items but not to delete tags.

Delete a Tag

Deleting a tag removes all occurrences of that tag across all items.


To delete a tag:

  • Choose the tag you wish to delete from the select menu.
  • Select the X to the right of the tag.
  • A window will open with the question, "Are you sure?"
  • Click Delete, and that tag is permanently deleted across your Omeka items. (If you change your mind, close the query window by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner.)

Public View

Visitors to your site can browse tags by going to Browse Items and selecting the "Browse by Tag" option. The url for this page is /items/tags. Depending on the theme, the tags may appear as a cluster or a group, and may be scaled according to use.

For example, in Thanks, Roy, the default theme, the most frequently used tags are in a larger font:

Browse by tag with a cloud of tags displayed in various font sizes. Some of the words overlap.

Whereas in Center Row, the tags simply display in a list:

The same page in Center Row, with the tags as a list of words