Omeka S User Manual

Omeka S is a web publication system for universities, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. It creates a local network of independently curated exhibits sharing a collaboratively built pool of items and their metadata.

The sections of this manual correspond to the navigation sections on the left-hand side of the administrative dashboard of an Omeka S installation:

Creating, editing, and managing sites, the public-facing parts of an Omeka S installation.

Creating, editing, and managing the content of an installation: items, item sets, media, vocabularies, and resource templates.

Access to functionality in the administrative interface varies by user role, but can include: users, jobs, assets, and settings.

This section opens with basic information on managing the modules that extend the functionality of your Omeka S installation and sites. It then offers specific documentaiton for Omeka S modules created by the Omeka Team, listed in alphabetial order.

This manual also includes a glossary, instructions on conducting searches, and how to turn on error logging.

Screencasts to supplement the documentation are linked from relevant pages, and can be browsed in the Omeka S collection on Vimeo.

Omeka S Tour from Omeka on Vimeo.