This module allows you to set certain properties as numeric data, using resource templates. You can designate properties as either date and time (ISO) or integers.

To install Numeric Data Types, follow the instructions for Installing Modules on the Modules documentation.

Creating numeric properties

To implement the module, you will need to create or edit a resource template to set specific properties as having numeric data types.

When creating or editing a resource template, find the property you want to set as numeric in the right hand sidebar. Click on the property to add it to the template.

Once the property has been added to the template, click the pencil/edit icon to edit the property. In the right hand drawer which opens, look for the dropdown "Data type" under the heading "Other options".

Close up of the Other Options section, showing a dropdown for data type. A red arrow points to the header for the Numeric data types

In the dropdown, select either "timestamp" or "integer" options under the header "Numeric". Be sure to click "set changes" at the bottom of the drawer to save this setting.

When you save changes to your resource template, Timestamp and Integer should show up in the column "Data type" for the template.

Newly created resource template with a green-highlighted update success message. There are four properties - Title, Description, Date, and Spatial Coverage. In the column for Data Type, Date has Timestamp type and Spatial Coverage has Integer.

Note: these fields will display only the numeric data entered. If you want to indicate what the integers represent, edit the property's label to include the scale you are using, for example creating an alternate label for "Spatial Coverage" which reads "Height (cm)".

Entering numeric data

When you add or edit an item using the template you created above, the properties you set as numeric will appear as follows:

Timestamp data

A Timestamp property automatically loads with fields for Year, Month, and Day. Note that the Month input is a dropdown where you select from the months' names.

If you enter a day without a month, the day information will not be saved.

Empty timestamp fields, for property Date

Clicking on the "time" button to the right of the day input field will load additional fields for Hour, Minute, and Second. Note that there is no AM/PM option so you will want to use twenty-four hour time entries (14 for 2pm, etc)

Empty timestamp fields, for property Date, with a row of time entry options below the date entry options

Entries must be whole numbers, with no decimal points.

Integer data

An integer property has a narrow input which, once you have data in it, will display up and down arrows on the right hand side to increase or decrease the value.

Field for property Spatial Coverage with the number 1 in the integer entry field, and up or down toggle button on the right side of the field

Your entry must be whole number; decimal points are not supported and will be rounded up to the nearest number.

When the module is active, it adds additional search options to the Advanced Search for items.

If you have timestamp data, there are search options for "Date comes before" and "Date comes after". Select the property for timestamp from the dropdown - only properties which are being used for timestamp will appear in the dropdown.

Integer data is searchable with "Value is less than" and "Value is greater than." As with the timestamp data, only properties which have numeric data will load in the dropdown.

Numeric data type search options, no data entered