Access media through the item with which is is associated. Media cannot exist independent of an associated item.

To view the metadata for media, click on the media’s name in the right-hand sidebar on the item view page.

Add Media

Adding media includes uploading a file, or directly attaching content with oEmbed, YouTube URLs, or writing HTML.

Media can only be added via the item.

Edit Media

To edit an existing media, go to its metadata page and select the Edit media button in the upper right corner of the page.

If desired, you can select a Resource Template or Class from the two dropdown menus which load automatically. Selecting a resource template will populate the page with predetermined properties.

You can also add properties by selecting from the list on the right side of the screen. You can either browse fields by vocabulary (Dublin Core, Bibliographic Ontology, etc), or search in the filter properties bar above the list of properties and vocabularies.

Automatically generated metadata, such as source, visibility, and part of item, cannot be edited.

Use the make public/private button (eye icon) to set whether the media is visible to the public or only to users of the OmekaS install.

make public button showing an eye icon Public

make private button showing an eye icon with a diagonal slash through it Private

Note that if an item is private, all the media attached is private, but an item which is public can have attached media which are set to be either public or private.