Style Guide

This style guide is for use in writing themes for Omeka S. It borrows heavily from the Github style guide. This style guide is a work in progress, so excuse our dust.

General styles

  • Use 4 spaces for indentation. Do not use tabs.
  • Use spaces after : when writing property declarations.
  • Put spaces before { in rule declarations.
  • Use hex color codes #000 unless using rgba.

Use the /* style of comments for headings you want to appear in the .css file. For Sass-only sections, such as the variables set in _base.scss, use the // commenting syntax. The ! at the beginning of the header helps bookmark sections for theme writers using the Coda web editor.


The _base.scss file should include any variables used across multiple .scss files. Otherwise, the variables appear at the top of the file in which they are used.


We like to use Nicolas Gallagher's normalize.css as our reset stylesheet. Include it as a .scss file and import it into _base.scss.