Client Event Reference

In the admin interface, the following events use jQuery's trigger function.

Generic Events



Triggered on .expand links when they are expanded


Triggered on .collapse links when they are collapsed

Section (Tab) Events


These events fire when switching between tabs on a multi-tab page. They are triggered on the .section element. They are triggered by Omeka.switchActiveSection() and will fire on both user-initiated and programmatic section switches. "Open" sections have the class .active while closed ones do not.


Triggered on a .section after it is opened


Triggered on a .section after it is closed


All sidebar events are triggered on the sidebar container itself (i.e., the div.sidebar).


Triggered after the sidebar is opened (by Omeka.openSidebar())


Triggered after the sidebar is closed (by Omeka.closeSidebar())


Triggered after content is successfully loaded via AJAX by Omeka.populateSidebarContent()

Multi-value Form Field Events


This event applies to .multi-value form fields (as seen in the advanced search pages and the batch edit page).


Triggered on a new field after it is created and inserted.

Resource Form Events


These events apply to the add/edit form for resources (items, item sets, media).


  • type: The value's data type
  • value: The jQuery object for the .value container
  • valueObj: An object containing value data, if any
  • namePrefix: An indexed prefix that should be used to prefix form element names

Triggered in resource-form.js after a value input is created or replaced. Use to populate the value node for a custom data type.

(added in 3.0.0)

Triggered in resource-form.js after a new property is added to the form. The "field" container for the property is the event's target.

Resource Select Sidebar Events


These events apply to the resource selection sidebar used on resource forms and in site page edit.


Triggered on the #select-item a confirmation link when a resource selection is confirmed by the user

Also, triggered on the .select-resource link when a resource is initially selected from the list of results


Triggered on the .select-resources-button link when a multiple-resource "quick" selection is confirmed by the user

Site Page Edit Form Events


This event applies only on the page edit form within a site.


Triggered on a new block form (.block container) after it is added to the page.

Form Change Detection Events

These events are used by the change detection code (to handle warning that their changes have not been saved). The events only fire on forms with method set to POST, and will not fire on any form that has the class .disable-unsaved-warning (opting them out of change detection).


Triggered on page load on each POST-method form present. Triggering this manually resets the saved state of the form (meaning the current state at the time of the trigger will be considered the "unchanged" state).


Triggered on each form on the page in a handler for the window's beforeunload. Calling Omeka.markDirty() and passing the form will trigger the change warning. This is useful for forms that only update the actual on-page form just before submission.