Font Icons

Omeka S uses the Font Awesome 5.15.4 icon set for the iconography in the admin interface. This is a reference for Omeka S's visual language.

Glyph Usage Omeka S class Font Awesome class
Menu o-icon-menu fa-bars
o-icon-search fa-search
User o-icon-user fa-user
Item o-icon-items fa-cube
Item sets, resource o-icon-item-sets, o-icon-resource fa-cubes
Vocabulary o-icon-vocab fa-book
Module o-icon-module fa-plus-square
Media o-icon-media fa-image
Site o-icon-site fa-laptop
Settings o-icon-settings fa-cogs
Users o-icon-users fa-users
First o-icon-first fa-angle-double-left
Last o-icon-last fa-angle-double-right
Previous o-icon-prev fa-angle-left
Next o-icon-next fa-angle-right
Close o-icon-close fa-angle-times
Delete o-icon-delete fa-angle-trash-alt
Edit o-icon-edit fa-pencil-alt
More o-icon-more fa-ellipsis-h
Add o-icon-add fa-plus
Upload o-icon-upload fa-upload
Uri o-icon-uri fa-link
View, public o-icon-view, o-icon-public fa-eye
Private o-icon-private fa-eye-slash
Inactive user o-icon-user-inactive fa-user-times
Click to activate o-icon-activate fa-toggle-off
Click to deactivate o-icon-deactivate fa-toggle-on
Configure o-icon-configure fa-wrench
Uninstall o-icon-uninstall fa-upload
Install o-icon-install fa-download
Upgrade o-icon-upgrade fa-arrow-up
More information o-icon-info fa-info-circle
Revert/undo o-icon-revert fa-info-undo
Up o-icon-up fa-caret-up
Down o-icon-down fa-caret-down
Left o-icon-left fa-caret-left
Right o-icon-right fa-caret-right
Developer, markup, code o-icon-developer fa-code
Stop o-icon-stop fa-stop
Jobs o-icon-jobs fa-tasks
Language o-icon-language fa-globe
Lock o-icon-lock fa-lock
Unlock o-icon-unlock fa-unlock
External link o-icon-external fa-external-link-alt
Annotation o-icon-annotation fa-comment-dots

Using other Font Awesome icons

Omeka S loads all the icons offered in Font Awesome's free solid weight. If you would like to use an icon not listed in the above table, prefix your icon's selector with .o-icon- and find your icon's unicode on Font Awesome's website.

For example, if you wanted to use the icon for .fa-bars ( ), look up the icon's Font Awesome entry, and use its unicode (\f0c9) for the content of your icon's :before pseudo element.

.o-icon-bars:before {
    content: "\f0c9";