Configuring Omeka S

You can configure Omeka S by editing config/local.config.php. Settings from the application and module configuration files are merged into local configuration and used by Omeka S services to operate the application. See the following files to reference default settings and their format (do not modify these files):

  • application/config/module.config.php: read-only default settings (see Configuration Settings)
  • application/config/navigation.config.php: read-only navigation settings (see zend-navigation docs)
  • application/config/routes.config.php: read-only routing settings (see zend-mvc docs)

Local configuration comes with settings that are most likely to be changed from one installation to another. Feel free to add more depending on your system's requirements.

Modules add their own configuration settings via their config/module.config.php files. Note that these configuration settings are merged into local configuration, and can extend, and possibly modify, the core configuration. See Modules for more information.

Invokables and Factories

You will often see subkeys of invokables, factories, etc. in the configuration file. These refer to how the various Omeka S service managers create new services. See Services and Factories and the zend-servicemanager docs to learn how to configure your services.