Controller Plugins

Built-in Controller Plugins

Omeka S comes with several controller plugins:

  • api: access methods provided by the API manager
  • currentSite: get the current site representation, if any
  • getForm: get a form object from the form element manager
  • jobDispatcher: get the job dispatcher service
  • logger: get the logger service
  • mailer: get the mailer service
  • messenger: access methods provided by the session-based messenger
  • paginator: set variables to the pagination view helper
  • setBrowseDefaults: set browse default parameters
  • settings: get the application settings service
  • siteSettings: get the site settings service
  • status: get the Omeka status service
  • translate: translate a string
  • userIsAllowed: authorize the current user against a resource and privilege
  • userSettings: get the user settings service
  • viewHelpers: get the view helper plugin manager