Configuration Reference

See Configuring Omeka S for a general configuration overview and how to use /config/local.config.php and your module's config/module.config.php to customize your installation's configuration settings.

The following configuration settings are available (more may be added by modules):

Api Adapters

  • api_adapters: A list of API adapters for Omeka S resources (see Omeka S API docs)


Configuration for asset files (JavaScript, CSS, fonts, etc.).

  • assets
    • use_externals: Use external assets? (true (default) or false)
    • externals: Lists of external asset URLs, keyed by local asset path.

Block Layouts

  • block_layouts: a list of block layouts for Omeka S sites


Configuration for executing PHP-CLI.

  • cli
    • execute_strategy: The execution strategy allowed by your server ("exec" (default) or "proc_open");
    • phpcli_path: The server path of the PHP version used to run Omeka S (auto-detected by default; e.g. "/usr/bin/php55").


Controller Plugins

  • controller_plugins: A list of MVC controller plugins (see zend-mvc docs)

Data Types

  • data_types: A list of data types for Omeka S resource templates

Entity Manager

Doctrine entity manager settings.

  • entity_manager:
    • is_dev_mode: Whether to run the entity manager in development mode (see Doctrine docs)
    • mapping_classes_paths: A list of paths containing Doctrine entity classes
    • resource_discriminator_map: A list of entities that are mapped to Omeka's Resource entity (for first-class resources that can be described using values)
    • filters: A list of SQL filters (see Doctrine docs)
    • functions: A list of user defined numeric, string, and datetime DQL functions (see Doctrine docs)
    • proxy_paths: A list of server paths to directories containing Doctrine proxies

File Renderers

  • file_renderers: A list of renderers for Omeka S file media

File Store

Configuration for file storage.

  • file_store:
    • local: Configuration for local store
      • base_path: Base path to local files directory
      • base_uri: Base URI to local files directory

Set the file store by setting ['service_manager']['aliases']['Omeka\File\Store'] to one of the following:

  • Omeka\File\Store\Local (default): Store files on the local server
  • (Modules may include additional file store adapters and configuration)

Form Elements

HTTP Client

Configuration for the HTTP client.

  • http_client
    • adapter: the connection adapter
    • sslcapath: the server path to the SSL certificate directory
    • sslcafile: the server path to the SSL certificate file

See zend-http docs for configuration options.


Configuration for Omeka S installation.

  • installer:
    • pre_tasks: A list of tasks to run before installation, usually to check environment
    • tasks: A list of tasks to run during installation

JavaScript Translate Strings

  • js_translate_strings: A list of messages rendered by JavaScript that need translation


  • listeners: A list of MVC listeners to load during runtime (see zend-mvc docs)


Logging settings for application-level messages.

  • logger
    • log: Log errors? (false (default) or true)
    • priority: The priority level at which to start logging (default \Zend\Log\Logger::NOTICE; see zend-log docs)
    • path: The server path to the log file


Configuration for mail transport and message options.

  • mail

The default transport is Sendmail, which is set up in application/config/module.config.php). If using SMTP, use this example configuration, added to the end of local.config.php (see zend-mail docs):

'mail' => [
    'transport' => [
        'type' => 'smtp',
        'options' => [
            'name' => 'localhost',
            'host' => '',
            'port' => 25, // 465 for 'ssl', and 587 for 'tls'
            'connection_class' => 'smtp', // 'plain', 'login', or 'crammd5'
            'connection_config' => [
                'username' => null,
                'password' => null,
                'ssl' => null, // 'ssl' or 'tls'
                'use_complete_quit' => true,

Media Ingesters

  • media_ingesters: A list of ingesters for Omeka S media

Media Renderers

  • media_renderers: A list of renderers for Omeka S media
  • navigation_links: A list of navigation links for Omeka S site pages


  • oembed: A whitelist of allowable URL patterns for ingesting oEmbed media


  • password: A list of configurable password restrictions
    • min_length: The minimum length
    • min_lowercase: The minimum number of lowercase letters
    • min_uppercase: The minimum number of uppercase letters
    • min_number: The minimum number of numbers
    • min_symbol: The minimum number of symbols
    • symbol_list: The list of symbols allowed by min_symbol


Configuration for the access control list (ACL).

  • permissions:
    • acl_resources: A list of resources to load into the access control list. API adapters, Doctrine entities, and controllers that are registered in configuration are automatically loaded.

Service Manager


Configuration for saving state between requests.

  • session:

Temporary Directory

  • temp_dir: The path to the temporary directory


Configuration for creating thumbnails (file derivatives).

  • thumbnails
    • thumbnailer_options:
      • imagemagick_dir: For the ImageMagick thumbnailer, the directory to the ImageMagick command
      • page: For multi-page files, which page to create the thumbnails
    • types (large, medium, and square types):
      • strategy: "default" or "square" thumbnails
      • constraint: Pixel constraint for thumbnail width
      • options: Options according to type (e.g. 'gravity' => 'center'

Set the thumbnailer by setting ['service_manager']['aliases']['Omeka\File\Thumbnailer'] to one of the following:

  • Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\ImageMagick (default): Use ImageMagick directly
  • Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\Imagick: Use PHP's ImageMagick extension
  • Omeka\File\Thumbnailer\Gd: Use PHP's GD extension


Translator settings.

  • translator
    • locale: The language code for your locale
    • translation_file_patterns: Options for translation

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