Sass and CSS

Omeka S's CSS is generated using Gulp and other Node packages. The necessary packages are installed with npm. From the top-level Omeka S directory:

npm install

For convenience, you may also want to install Gulp's CLI globally:

npm install -g gulp-cli

Editing the Styles

Do not edit the files in the css directory manually! They are automatically generated and your changes will be overwritten.

The base directory for the styles and other assets is application/Omeka/asset. The SCSS sourcefiles themselves are in the sass subdirectory, while the generated CSS appears in css. Other static assets like Javascript and local web fonts live in the assets directory also.

When you edit the SCSS sources, you need to compile them into actual CSS for the styles to be updated and applied. There are two main ways of doing this, both are commands run from the top-level Omeka S directory.

To compile the styles a single time, after making a change:

gulp css

Alternatively, you can have Gulp continually run and check for changes to the SCSS and recompile automatically:

gulp css:watch

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