Omeka S often extends Zend\Form\Form in the namespace Omeka\Form, and in some cases includes events to allow modules to add more fields to the form.

Adding a fieldset is the general pattern for modules to follow. In your Module.php class add the following to add a text area.

This applies to these forms

  • Omeka\Form\SettingForm
  • Omeka\Form\SiteSettingsForm

Use the Event::ADD_ELEMENTS and Event::ADD_INPUT_FILTERS events, respectively.

See Modules for the broader structure of modules.

    public function addElements(Event $event)
        $form = $event->getParam('form');
        $fieldset = new Fieldset('example');
        $fieldset->setLabel('Example Fieldset');

                'name' => 'example',
                'type' => 'text',
                'options' => [
                    'label' => 'Example text input', // @translate



Validation is handled via input filters on the elements. Thus, to modify the server-side validation of forms, use the Event::SITE_SETTINGS_ADD_INPUT_FILTERS and Event::GLOBAL_SETTINGS_ADD_INPUT_FILTERS events.

    public function addFilters($event)
        $inputFilter = $event->getParam('inputFilter');
                    'name' => 'example',
                    'required' => false,