A Thanksgiving Message from the Director:

Dear Omeka Community:

Heading into Thanksgiving week here in the US, I’d like to do a bit of review and to take the opportunity to say how grateful I am to you for your use and support of the Omeka platforms. 2018 has been a year of milestones and changes for the Omeka Team. A brief review of the calendar and commits turns up a significant list of accomplishments:

That’s a pretty good track record of progress for a single year! And, we’re not stopping there. As a Thanksgiving bonus, next week we will offer two new releases for you to play with after the break:

These developments would not be possible with out the hard work and dedication of the Omeka team, which I like to think of as the hardest working group in the open source digital humanities software landscape. The team has seen its own share of changes this year. First, I’ve moved on to my new institutional home at Michigan State University, but I am pleased to be able to continue in my role as director Omeka. Much more important than my relocation, though, is the fact that two key people in the Omeka team moved on to new opportunities this year:

Sheila and Patrick’s new roles put them in the position to continue to share their intelligence and experience with the larger world of open, collaborative, digital work, which is a great benefit to the whole field. Nonetheless, we miss having them take part in our daily work, development, and hijinks, and we thank them for their years of dedication to Omeka and its users.

Finally, I want to thank you, our community of users and developers, for your loyalty and support over the past ten years. We appreciate the trust you place in our work, and your willingness to make Omeka a core piece of your scholarship, your teaching, and your cultural heritage work. Your use-cases, feature requests, comments, questions, issues, and pull requests help us make the Omeka platforms better, and we always take them into consideration as we plan our future development. Furthermore, we are eager to share your work. Let us know about your new sites, so we can show them off. Submit your plugins, modules, and themes to our add-on registration system so we can share with our community of users.

You have my very best wishes for a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family, and some good food.

Sharon M. Leon

Director, Omeka