Omeka Everywhere

The Omeka Everywhere suite of tools allows institutions to create a rich and accessible online presence, and use the same content for unique in-gallery and mobile experiences for visitors.

Omeka Everywhere Collection Viewer

Collection Viewer

Omeka Everywhere Collection Viewer uses Omeka Classic’s API to deliver selected content seamlessly to an in-gallery touchscreen table or tablet, where visitors can sort items by keywords, zoom in on images, and learn more from item information displayed on the flipside of each image.

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Omeka Everywhere Mobile App

Mobile App

Omeka Everywhere Mobile makes it possible for organizations to easily transform content from their Omeka Classic site into an engaging app for Android devices. App users can save favorites and share items to social media.

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With Heist, gallery visitors can link the Mobile app to a Collection Viewer table. Once connected, visitors can upload items from the table to their phones, taking their favorite items with them to revisit and share on social media.

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Learn more about the development of Omeka Everywhere and its implementation in galleries: the Omeka Everywhere research report by Andrew Wolf and Clarissa J. Ceglio, PhD.