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Since 2007, the Omeka Team at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University has worked to develop and support standards-based, accessible, open source web publishing with the Omeka family of products. Omeka Classic has been a reliable and popular platform for researchers, teachers, enthusiasts, libraries, archives, and museums to publish and narrate their digital collections. For those unable to support their own installations of the software, the team offers, a hosted service with many levels of storage and functionality to meet the needs of a variety of user-types.

In 2012, the Omeka Team started developing a new version of the platform called Omeka S designed specifically with the principles of linked open data (LOD) in mind. Developed for medium and larger GLAMs, Omeka S uses JavaScript Object Notation-Linked Data (JSON-LD) as its native data format, which makes it possible to enmesh Omeka S in the LOD world.

During this ten year history, the Omeka Team has designed and built a host of user-friendly, and award-winning cultural heritage sites, showcasing the power and flexibility of the software. Furthermore, they strive to bolster the work of the user community through carefully crafting end-user and developer documentation, through designing dozens of plugins and themes that respond to user needs, and through diligently offering guidance and support on the user forums.


The Omeka team has extensive experience with digital humanities and cultural heritage web publishing and brings together an important set of planning and technical skills that is essential to supporting these kinds of projects, including:


The Omeka Team provides a range of contract services, including project planning, user-experience assessment, custom theme design and development, and plugin/module design and development. These contracts are developed with a fixed term for a fixed price to complete deliverables articulated in a statement of work.

Support Plans

These packages provide direct support for work with the Omeka web publishing platforms, and Omeka Team-developed plugins, themes, and modules. They are ideal for academic departments, archives, libraries, and museums. Each plan offers:

Support plans do not include custom programming, design, or data migration services, but are services that can be obtained through separate contracts.

Support plans are administered through the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, a not for profit corporation dedicated to supporting the ongoing sustainability of Omeka software projects. Options include:

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