Omeka Services

An Omeka workshop Let the team who designed and developed the Omeka platforms help you achieve your project and learning goals.

For 15 years the Omeka team has been working with scholars, students, curators, librarians, civic activists, and technologists to leverage the open source technologies to create sophisticated digtal cultural heritage projects. While we provide many, many resources to support users in their work through our end-user documentation and forums, you may find that your work calls for more dedicated attention. The Omeka team is happy to provide that assistance in the form of

Intensive Training with an experienced instructor who can introduce the nuances of Omeka Classic or Omeka S (offered three times annually)

Direct Support or Consultation with Omeka staff to assure that you have the answers you need when you need them

Isolated Hosting to ensure your ability to implement your customizations while also having the security of having your installation managed and upgraded by the team

Custom Development by the team to extend the platform’s functionality or deliver a design that responds exactly to your project requirements

Consider these options and get in touch with us today to learn more.