Omeka team, 2017

Ken Albers is the and Omeka Services Manager, and also a web developer at Omeka where he works on custom designs work and addons updates.

Robin Fay is an Omeka End User Support and Training specialist.

John Flatness is the Omeka Lead Developer, where he provides direction and oversight to the software development activities across all of the Omeka web publishing platforms.

Sharon Leon is an Associate Professor of Digital History at Michigan State University and Director of Omeka (2012-2017, 2018-). She has responsibility for overall project vision, oversight of development, interaction with our project partners, testing, and distribution of Omeka.

Matthew McKinley is an Omeka Developer focusing on Omeka S Modules, site building features, and integration with other digital repositories.

Kim Nguyen is the Omeka Lead UI/UX Developer, where she is responsible for the administrative and public user experience for all of the platforms.

Jim Safley is an Omeka Senior Developer and a database/metadata architect, where he concentrates his efforts on architecting and extended the Omeka data models to extend its functionality in innovative ways.

Omeka Alumni