Dspace Connector

By Omeka Team Connect Omeka S to DSpace repositories.
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DSpace Connector

Connect an Omeka S instance to a DSpace repository, optionally importing files. The repository must be using DSpace version 4 or higher.

Information about the original item and a link back to it will be included on the imported item's page.

See the Omeka S user manual for user documentation.


See general end user documentation for Installing a module


DSpaceConnector is Copyright © 2015-present Corporation for Digital Scholarship, Vienna, Virginia, USA http://digitalscholar.org

The Corporation for Digital Scholarship distributes the Omeka source code under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3). The full text of this license is in the license file.

The Omeka name is a registered trademark of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.

Third-party copyright in this distribution is noted where applicable.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.4.0March 15, 2022 [info]^3.0.0
1.3.0June 21, 2021 [info]^3.0.0
1.2.0October 08, 2020 [info]^3.0.0
1.1.0August 08, 2019 [info]^2.0.0
1.0.1November 28, 2017 [info]^1.0.0
1.0.0November 08, 2017 [info]^1.0.0