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  • Create relationships between your resources - items, item sets, and media.
  • Share resources between sites and users.
  • Choose from three metadata vocabularies and the ability to add more to meet the needs for your projects.
  • Build templates for your content, drawing from all possible vocabularies, and then share your templates with colleagues or on the open web.

Design and Build

  • Use mobile-ready themes to customize the look of each site.
  • Create sites to publish and contextualize your items.
  • Build and publish pages, exhibits, or digital stories by adding and mixing different content blocks.
  • Manage specific settings for the distinct needs of each site.

Desktop and mobile-ready themes

Extend your site with Omeka S modules


  • Use importers to bring in content from a spreadsheet or an Omeka Classic site.
  • Geolocate your content and display maps on sites using Mapping.
  • Connect your installation with Fedora and DSpace repositories, with the ability to update content periodically.


  • Install, activate, and configure modules for all sites from a single administrative panel
  • Easily update multiple sites from a single installation

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