News New Year, New Releases

Happy New Year, Omekans!

We didn’t want to let the month of January pass without offering you some new goodies to work with.

We have new versions of Omeka S and Omeka Classic, which include support for PHP 7.4 and a host of other updates. Take a look at the release notes (S and Classic) for more information.

Also, over the last several months, we have quietly released several new and updated modules and plugins that you will appreciate.

Omeka S: New

  • URI Dereferencer: A module to look up information from LOD URIs
  • CSS Editor: A module to allow users to provide custom CSS to override or supplement theme styles
  • Scripto: A module to facilitate community transcription and translation of Omeka S items

Omeka S: Updated

  • Metadata Browse: Updated to include a new “Direct Links” global setting, which allows browse links to appear directly on the value text instead of being a separate “See all items with this value” link

Omeka Classic: New

Finally, almost all of the Omeka Team designed themes for both Omeka S and Omeka Classic have been updated with a host of improvements.

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