By Joe Paul and Kailash Nadh Integrates typesense search plugin.
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Omeka S TypeSense live search

This module integrates TypeSense type-as-you-search search into the default Omeka S search to allow lightning fast, instant fulltext search and suggestions over the entire Omeka S item database even with millions of items.


  • Select properties to index.
  • Configure fields to display in the search results.
  • Automatically keep TypeSense search index up to date when items are added or removed.
  • Schedule bulk re-indexing.
  • Javascript autocomplete search widget automatically hooks on to frontend search box.



docker run -p 8108:8108 -v/tmp/data:/data typesense/typesense:0.23.1 --data-dir /data --api-key=xxxxxx
  • Clone this repository to the Omeka S module directory ~/path/to/omeka/modules.
  • cd ~/path/to/omeka/modules and run composer install to install the typesense-php dependency.
  • Enable the module from the Admin → Modules menu.
  • Connect the module to your TypeSense installation using the Configure form.

Search-as-you-type is now automatically hooked on to the search box on the Omeka S frontend.


  • Search

  • Admin


autocomplete.js is a modified version of caroso1222/amazon-autocomplete

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.0.3February 25, 2023 [info]^3.1.0
0.0.2January 25, 2023 [info]^3.1.0