By BibLibre Add Solr search adapter
Download 0.9.2

Solr module for Omeka S

This module provides a Search adapter for Solr.


  • Solr PHP extension (>= 2.0.0). It must be enabled for the CLI as well as the web server.
  • A running Solr instance. It's recommended to use the latest version of Solr, but it should work with older versions too.

Quick start

  1. Install the Search module
  2. Install this module
  3. In Search admin pages:
  4. add a new index using the Solr adapter,
  5. configure correctly the host, port, and path of the Solr instance,
  6. launch the indexation by clicking on the "reindex" button (two arrows forming a circle),
  7. then add a page using the created index.
  8. In page configuration, you can enable/disable facet and sort fields (more fields can be created by going to the Solr admin page - link in the navigation menu)
  9. In your site configuration, add a navigation link to the search page
  10. Go to your site, then click on the navigation link you just added.
  11. The search form should appear. Type some text then submit the form to display the results.
Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.9.2May 11, 2022 [info]^3.0.0
0.9.1May 10, 2022 [info]^3.0.0
0.9.0April 14, 2021 [info]^3.0.0
0.8.0October 14, 2020 [info]^3.0.0
0.7.2February 16, 2022 [info]^2.0.0
0.7.1October 09, 2020 [info]^2.0.0
0.7.0September 28, 2020 [info]>=2.0.0
0.6.0April 08, 2020 [info]>=2.0.0
0.5.0March 06, 2020 [info]>=2.0.0
0.4.0November 09, 2017 [info]>=1.0.0