By Laurent Thomas Sitemaps - Generate individual sitemaps for sites
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Module for Omeka S

This module generates dynamic individual sitemap XML files for your Omeka S sites. Indexed URLs include items show pages, item-sets browse pages, and site pages.

The module is in early development stage and could do with more advanced usage and testing. Use at your own risk.

Installing / Getting started

This module requires Omeka S v3 or greater.

  • Download and unzip in your omeka-s/modules directory.
  • Rename the uncompressed folder to Sitemaps.
  • Log into your Omeka-S admin backend and navigate to the Modules menu.
  • Click Install next to the Sitemaps module.


This module includes the following features:

  • Individual site setting to enable Sitemap generation
  • Dynamically generate a sitemap.xml file for each site

Enable Sitemap for a site

To enable the sitemap on a site of your choice:

  • Navigate to your Omeka-S admin panel.
  • Click on the Sites menu.
  • Click the pencil icon next to the site you wish to configure.
  • Navigate to your site Settings menu.
  • Check the Enable dynamic sitemap for this site option and save.

The sitemap.xml file is dynamically generated: there is no file physically created on the server. The URL for site site-slug is the following:

Module configuration

There is no module specific configuration.

Known issues

See the Issues page.


The module is in early development stage and could do with more advanced usage and testing. Contributions are welcome. Please use Issues and Pull Requests workflows to contribute.


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The code in this project is licensed under GNU GPLv3.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.1June 05, 2021 [info]