Simple Carousel

By ESnark Display carousels into pages
Download 1.2.3

Simple Carousel (module for Omeka S)

Simple Carousel is a module for Omeka S. This module provides carousel block form.

You can simply place carousel blocks composed of site resource images on a page.


  • [ ] Block height value validation. (CSS rule)
  • [x] Adding user configurable CSS setting.
  • [x] More readable slide button.
  • [x] Replacing filter CSS attribute for IE compatibility


The module is released under the MIT License.

The script for Carousel feature is imported from siema of pawelgrzybek.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.2.3November 25, 2018 [info]^1.1.0
1.2.2November 19, 2018 [info]^1.1.0