By Laurent Thomas Add role based options to show or hide links in site navigation.
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Module for Omeka S

This module adds the ability to filter Omeka S sites' navigation links based on user roles.

Installing / Getting started

RoleBasedNavigation is compatible with Omeka S v3.

  • Download and unzip in your omeka-s/modules directory.
  • Rename the uncompressed folder to RoleBasedNavigation.
  • Log into your Omeka S admin backend and navigate to the Modules menu.
  • Click Install next to the RoleBasedNavigation module.


This module includes the following features:

  • Associate global roles and site permissions to Omeka S core navigation links: Page, Url, Browse Items and Browse item sets.
  • The filters are applied recursively, meaning that a main navigation category filter applies to all its child links.
  • Users who do not meet these roles requirements will not see the corresponding links.

Edit navigation roles

All navigation roles filters configuration is done when configuring your sites' navigation tree.

Navigate to your Admin Panel > Site Configuration (pencil icon), and click the Navigation menu.

When adding or editing (pencil icon) a new link or page in your site's navigation tree, you'll see a Role filters selector:

  • Leave a link's role selector empty if you wish to display this link publicly
  • Add one or more roles to the selector to display the link only to these roles. You can select global roles (such as Supervisor or Researcher) or site permission roles (Manager, Viewer or Creator).
  • Click the 'x' icon next to a role to remove it from the role selector.
  • Do not forget to save your navigation tree when done.

Note that Global Admin roles will always be able to display the whole navigation links list at anytime.

Generic role filters

FOr more usability, this module adds generic role filters that let you display navigation items either to Authenticated users only or to Unregistered visitors only.

Apply filter on non core navigation links

This module is not able to apply directly any filters to navigation links provided by other modules.

A way to filter them anyway is to apply the role filters to a parent link, such as a URL navigation link. In case you do not want this parent to be a 'real' hypertext link, just leave its URL field to '#' and it will act as a navigation category name.

Role based home page

If you setup your site navigation to use the First page in navigation as your site's home, then you can configure different home pages based on roles.

Example use case:

  • In your navigation configuration, setup the Select a home page option to First page in navigation.
  • Setup your public home page as first navigation item and filter roles using the generic role filter Unregistered visitors only. When unregistered users will get to your site, they will land on this home page.
  • Setup a second page as your second navigation item and filter roles using the generic role filter Authenticated users only. When registered users will browse to your site, they will be greated with this home page.
  • If you wish to filter based on specific roles, you'll be able to add as many home pages as there roles on your Omeka S install.

Note that if instead of setting up the First page in navigation option, you explicitly name a page as the home for your site, it will still be served to all visitors without any filter applied.


Please be aware that this module only adds a view filter to the navigation, but does not add a new permission layer to your site. The links not being displayed does not mean users can't access them with the proper URL if they effectively are granted the required Access Control List feature!

Also please note that if roles are restricted on a site's first page and that the First page in navigation option is enabled, users without the adequate roles will either be redirected to the next accessible page, or meet a "This site has no home page" error message.

Module configuration

No module configuration required.

Known issues

See the Issues page.


Contributions are welcome. Please use Issues and Pull Requests workflows to contribute.


Some code and logic based on other Omeka S modules:

  • Omeka-S main repository:

Also check out my other Omeka S modules:

  • RestrictedSites:
  • UserNames:


The code in this project is licensed under GPLv3.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.1September 21, 2021 [info]^3.0.0
1.0October 09, 2020 [info]^3.0.0
0.3May 15, 2020 [info]^2.0.0
0.2May 13, 2020 [info]^2.0.0