NDE Termennetwerk

By Omeka Team Adds NDE (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed) Termennetwerk to the Value Suggest module
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NDE Termennetwerk

An Omeka S module that adds NDE (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed) Termennetwerk to the Value Suggest module.

NDE Termennetwerk

  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus - materials
  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus - processes and techniques
  • Art & Architecture Thesaurus - styles and periods
  • Archaeological Basic Register
  • Adamlink: streets in Amsterdam
  • Biographies Second World War Netherlands
  • Brinkman keyword thesaurus
  • Buildings in Brabant
  • Colonial Past
  • Cultural-Historical Thesaurus
  • Cultural-Historical Thesaurus - Materials
  • Cultural-Historical Thesaurus - Styles and periods
  • EuroVoc - thesaurus of the European Union
  • GeoNames: gepgraphical names in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • GTAA: classification
  • GTAA: genres
  • GTAA: geographic names
  • GTAA: names
  • GTAA: subjects
  • GTAA: person names
  • Homosaurus
  • Iconclass
  • Indian Heritage Thesaurus
  • Muziekweb: genres and styles
  • Muziekweb: persons and groups
  • Muziekschatten: subjects
  • Muziekschatten: performance mediums
  • Muziekschatten: persons
  • Dutch thesaurus of author names
  • RKDartists
  • STCN: printers
  • streets in Gouda
  • Thesaurus National Museum of World Cultures
  • Thesaurus Second World War Netherlands
  • Wikidata: all entities
  • Wikidata: persons
  • Wikidata: places in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Wikidata: streets in the Netherlands


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1.0.1August 08, 2023 [info]^4.0.0
1.0.0March 30, 2023 [info]^4.0.0