Local Media Ingester

By BibLibre Add files that are already on your server to items.
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Local Media Ingester

Adds a media ingester for files already present on server, like FileSideload, but allows to define multiple paths.

Mostly useful for import scripts.


See general end user documentation for Installing a module


In Omeka's config/local.config.php, add a section like this:


return [
    /* ... */
    'local_media_ingester' => [
        'paths' => [
            /* ... */

Only files present in these directories will be allowed to be ingested.

In the module global settings (Admin > Modules > LocalMediaIngester's "Configure" button) you can choose the default action on original files (keep or delete). This default action can be overriden when importing new media.

Compatibility with other modules

  • Local Media Ingester can be used as a media source for CSVImport

How to use in PHP code

You can use this ingester in PHP code like this

$itemData['o:media'][] = [
    'o:ingester' => 'local',
    'ingest_filename' => '/path/to/file.png',
    'original_file_action' => 'keep', // or 'delete'
$api->create('items', $itemData);
Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.2.0April 06, 2022 [info]^2.0.0 || ^3.0.0
0.1.0April 05, 2022 [info]^2.0.0 || ^3.0.0