By GĂ©raldine Geoffroy Allow copy/paste Resources in one click in the browse items page of admin Dashboard
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ItemCopy Module for Omeka S

This module allows logged users in the Admin Dashbord to quickly make a duplicate operation on resources, which could be helpful when a lot of items are very similar.
Once installed and activated, the module adds a new button in the actions list in the browse View. Clicking this button will copy and paste in a new item all properties, class, modele... of the selected item.

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See general end user documentation for Installing a module

How it works ?

It works with Ajax calls to the REST API of the Omeka S installation which transports item's datas in JSON-LD format.
One call is a GET one to make a READ API operation on the selected resource's data (GET /api/items/:id), the JSON-LD response is passed to a POST call fot creating a new resource (POST /api/items)


A few parameters need to be customized directly in the asset/item-copy.js file (starting lines of the file)
* The key_identity and key_credential parameters : to perform a GET operation on a non-public resource or/and a POST operation to create a new resource, the API requests must be authentified with key_identity and key_credantial parameters. These 2 parameters are given for admin user by activating an API Key in the API keys tab of their user edit page.


Add a filter to the GET API response to get only the properties of each Item, and not the media ressources or the item set for example

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.0.1November 18, 2018 [info]
1.0.0October 10, 2018 [info]