ID Resolver

By Omeka Team Resolves legacy IDs to Omeka S resources via an endpoint
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ID Resolver

An Omeka S module that that resolves legacy IDs to Omeka S resources via an endpoint.

This is useful for projects that migrated from a legacy system to Omeka S and need a way to redirect from legacy resource URLs to their new resource URLs in Omeka S. This will require a separate script that listens for incoming legacy requests and makes a request against the endpoint provided by this module. The endpoint will automatically redirect the client to the new resource URL.


The endpoint is under the site route, so a script may make a request against any Omeka S site, depending on where the migrated resources exist.


The endpoint accepts the following query parameters (all are required):

  • id: The legacy ID
  • resource: The Omeka S resource name ("item", "item_set", or "media")
  • property: The Omeka S property ID or term (e.g. dcterms:identifier)

If more than one Omeka S resource has the ID with the provided property, the endpoint redirects the client to the browse page containing each resource.


ID Resolver is Copyright © 2021-present Corporation for Digital Scholarship, Vienna, Virginia, USA

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The Omeka name is a registered trademark of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.

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1.0.0June 12, 2024 [info]^4.1.0