File Sideload

By Omeka Team Add files that are already on your server to items.
Download 1.4.0


This module provides functionality to "sideload" files (ingesting files that are already on the server). It will allow users to batch-add many files at once to their repository, rather than uploading the files individually. It also will enable users to circumvent server file size restrictions that limit the capacity of web-form upload.

See the Omeka S user manual for user documentation.


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Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.4.0October 08, 2020 [info]^3.0.0
1.3.0August 08, 2019 [info]^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0
1.2.0January 24, 2019 [info]^1.2.0
1.1.0August 28, 2018 [info]^1.2.0
1.0.1March 07, 2018 [info]^1.0.0
1.0.0November 07, 2017 [info]^1.0.0