Create Missing Thumbnails

By BibLibre Create missing thumbnails
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Create Missing Thumbnails

This Omeka S module adds a background job that create missing thumbnails. This is mostly useful if you want to import a lot of items quickly (so with thumbnail creation turned off, because it takes a lot of time), and then create the thumbnails in a 2nd phase, once all items are created.

Thumbnails are created for every media that meet the following conditions: - The original file is stored (media.hasOriginal = 1) - It has no thumbnails (media.hasThumbnails = 0) - It is an image, a video, or a PDF (media.mediaType starts with image/ or video/, or is application/pdf)


GPL 3.0 or later

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
0.2.0August 26, 2021 [info]^3.0.0
0.1.0August 26, 2021 [info]^2.0.0