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Could the Omeka Team be Mary J. Blige fans? In fact, we are.

And we are pleased to bring you news of a set of Omeka S goodness that dare we say rivals that 1992 landmark release…. well, if you like modules.

First, we have issued v.4.1.1 a bug release for the core software, the changes which are detailed in the release notes. That release, though minor, made it possible for us to release a passel of new and updated modules.

The first new, and long awaited, module is Copy Resources. This module allows an Omeka S user to duplicate items, item sets, sites and site pages. This functionality is great for setting out specifications for other users to follow in creating resources, or for cutting down on the number of key strokes it might take to create many resources that share the same content or layout. Key modules that interact with resource authoring have been updated to integrate with Copy Resources.

The second new module is one that is useful for those migrating from a legacy system to Omeka S. ID Resolver is a module that that resolves legacy IDs to Omeka S resources via an endpoint, and as such redirects from legacy resource URLs to their new resource URLs in Omeka S.

The Mapping module (v.2.0) includes a number of new features in this release that should be especially interesting to former users of Neatline. This release adds support for creating polygon and linestring geometries, which allows a user to associate items with a general area or to pin it to a line, such as a street. The update includes other key features including the ability to control the number of items per page on a map browse, adds pagination to the map browse page, adds a map to the public item set show pages via a resource page block and also the admin item set show page, and makes the modification of the feature pop-up markup easier. We have removed the Stamen basemaps because they have been discontinued.

Several additional modules have updates that contain important new features:

  • Data Visualization: an update that adds color configuration for diagrams.
  • Faceted Browse: an update that allows users to add helper text to the category sidebar, and adds a “Faceted browse preview” page block layout.
  • Sharing: an update that adds a “Single button” setting in site settings, adds a “Sharing” page block layout, and adds a “Sharing” resource block layout for item pages and media pages.

Updated for Copy Resource Module Integration:

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