Happy Birthday Omeka S

One year ago today we released Omeka S 1.0 into the world.

Since then, we have been delighted by the response to S. Our directory of Omeka S sites has contributions from around the world, including sites in Finnish, Spanish, and French. “Unfolding Histories: Cape Ann before 1900” continues in digital form an exhibit which was mounted at the Cape Ann Museum in Glouchester, Massachusetts, in 2018; it explores themes such as education, charity and welfare, and life during wartime. From the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral in Chile comes “Memorias de la Patagonia Austral” (Memories of Austral Patagonia), which makes use of the Mapping module to allow visitors to browse content by geographic location. And a recent addition to the directory, “Journey to the Sea Ranch” uses an elegant custom theme to display a large collection related to the design and development of a unique site in costal California.

In addition to the many excellent modules we’ve developed in house, our worldwide community of developers has contributed their own work, often associated with an Omeka S installation they’ve created. For example, the Search and Solr modules were created by BibLibre for their site Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL) Digital Library. See them all in the modules directory

If you haven’t explored Omeka S, explore it now by playing around in our sandbox installation! We continue to develop Omeka S and look forward to seeing more amazing work from the community.