Omeka Api Import

By Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media Import data from other Omeka 2.1 or higher sites using the API
Download 1.1.2


Use Omeka 2.1's API to do an Omeka site-to-site import


Omeka 2.1 introduced an API onto records, including Items, Collections, Elements, and more. Plugins can also add their records to the API. The API is located at, and can be turned on under Admin->Settings->Api.

This plugin uses the API to import data from one Omeka site with an active API into another Omeka site.


Install the plugin in the usual way. Click the Omeka Api Import tab in the admin screen. Enter the API URL of the site from which you want to import data.

Optionally, enter the API you have for the external Omeka site. This will have to be provided by an administrator of that site. If your key provides sufficient permissions, this will allow Users and non-public Items and Collections to be imported

Element Sets will be imported. If the external site has edited the comments for Elements, you can check the box to override the comments that exist in your site. This is only recommended if you are importing into an empty Omeka site.


For converting data from the API to CSV, look at OmekaApiToCsv and Omekadd

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.1.2February 10, 2017 [info]2.0