Omeka Classic

Omeka Classic is a web publishing platform for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.

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Serious Web Publishing

Create complex narratives and share rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards with Omeka Classic on your server, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts.

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Simple to Use

Our “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog. No code knowledge required.

Zero dollars

Cost-Effective Design

Omeka Classic lets you focus on building content by providing the tools to change your site and to lower costs without sacrificing design and technical quality.

Gears, paintbrush, and palette representing Omeka Classic add-ons

Flexible and Extensible

Expand Omeka Classic’s core functionality with existing plugins to create maps, to collect from users, to allow users to tag favorites, to blog; or build your own.

Get Involved

Omeka Classic is open-source! Join Omeka Classic’s active developer and user communities for innovation, answers, sustainability, and to make Omeka Classic better.

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