The Dog Days of Data

Metadata is a love note to the future — at least that is what our friends who specialize in description say. We at the Omeka Team have always been committed to the idea that good structured descriptive data is the special sauce in building dynamic digital projects, and that commitment continues to drive our work. With Omeka S, more and more, we have embraced the place of data as an object of description in the linked data universe.

With that in mind, we would like to bring a number of new Omeka S Modules to your attention:

All three of these modules bring a new layer of possibility for robust data creation, combination, and reuse. We hope you’ll enjoy them and look forward to seeing how you engage them in your work.

And, as a bonus, we have a core Omeka S release that includes some permissions fixes and minor updates.

Keep your eyes open for a exciting major release in the Fall!