News Updated Omeka S Core and New Modules for a New Semester

Here at Omeka, we realize that the world is a bit unsettled and the new semester is an uncertain one for many of us. Hoping to infuse some joy and possibility into the universe, we’ve released a new version of the Omeka S core and a number of new and updated modules.

Omeka S v3.1.0

This release brings a number of new and improved features to the core:

  • Confirming our commitment to accessibility, we now provide the option to create Alt Text for all media and assets.
  • For instances when a user must define a universe of resources, we have replaced the basic string input interfaces with graphical query builder. This should dramatically ease the experience of attaching items to sets, defining materials for browse interfaces, and selecting resources for use with an array of modules.
  • The core has a new Assets section that allows users to upload and manage media distinct from that which might be attached to items or item sets.
  • In the context of sites, users can now access and deploy asset media with a new Asset block. This option will create a good deal of new design flexibility.
  • The new List of Pages block allows a user to create a list of any of the pages within a site. For example, a user might create a news and update section in a page where they list the most recent project posts, mimicking the basic function of a site blog.
  • A number of the other site blocks have improved controls and configuration options to increase design flexibility.

Under the covers, the core includes support for PHP 8 and some improvements for developers. Check out the release notes.

New and Updated Modules

In addition to the core release, there a several new and updated modules:

  • Faceted Browse (new) allows an administrator to create a category of resources and to select a mode to create facets and display columns to govern the exploration of content on faceted browse pages within sites. Thus, end users can easily browse and explore large groups of resources. This filtering and sorting makes it possible to mimic the faceted experiences of complex search interfaces without having to deploy and support additional search appliances. The module offers yet another way for content creators to capitalize on carefully created data models and the judicious use of controlled vocabularies.
  • Item Carousel Block (new) allows user to create and configure a carousel block to display items within site pages.
  • Custom Vocab has been updated to accommodate two new ways to create vocabularies. In addition to allowing for a plain text list of terms, the module now allows a user to select an item set to render the associated items as controlled vocabulary, or to input a list of external URIs and labels.
  • Collecting now includes several improvements to the settings options for specifying terms of service and for directing notification emails.
  • Mapping now sports the new query builder interface for selecting items to display.

Finally, keep your eyes open over the next several weeks for some shiny new Omeka Classic goodness.

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