News Meet Omeka Classic 2.5

The final day of January 2017 brings with it the release of the long awaited version 2.5 of Omeka Classic. While the release includes a long list of minor changes and bug fixes (see the release notes), there are a number of key improvements that were requested by the user community:

  • Batch Edit All: Now when batch editing on a user can apply edits to entire search result’s worth of items, even if the results span over several pages
  • New Item Advanced Search Options: Search users have
    • AND/OR support for combining multiple searches
    • “starts with” and “ends with” search types
    • “matches” regular expression search type
    • [No Collection] is now an option for finding items that do not have a collection
  • Square Thumbnails: Admins can now select whether themes use square or “normal” thumbnails by default in Appearance Settings, without editing the theme files
  • Warnings: Users are alerted when navigating away from pages with unsaved changes

Your download package for this version will include the core software, plus the Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, and Coins plugins, and the Berlin, Seasons, and Thanks, Roy themes.

This new version of Omeka Classic is the result of the hard work of the Omeka Dev Team, but it also integrates and builds upon the contributions and suggestions of the whole Omeka community. Special thanks go to Daniel_KM, luku, miniol, and doana for their help!

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