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Did you know that some hosting companies offer one-click installs for Omeka?

With the click of a button, you can install Omeka and create the necessary MySQL database at the same time. Although there are sometimes hiccups – you might need to edit the .htaccess file – a one-click installation can be convenient.

Hosting companies which currently offer one-click Omeka installations include:

Softaculous, also offers a one-click option for AMPPS, which installs a local development environment on Windows machines.

One of the advantages of a one-click installation is that it allows you to gradually familiarize yourself with Omeka’s file structure and take your time becoming comfortable with your FTP client, rather than having to master these processes at the beginning. Moreover, any hosting service that offers a one-click install will have the necessary underlying software (php, imagemagick) and permissions to install Omeka, whether or not you choose to go with the one-click option.

Bear in mind that one-click installs are limited to whichever version the hosting service has selected. The updates provided by the hosting service may lag behind or may not be available at all.

Also, whether you install using one-click or manually using your ftp client, you will have to add plugins and themes manually.

As always, those who do not want to deal with servers and FTP clients, or comparing the virtues of any number of hosting services, can sign up for an account at These accounts are hosted by Omeka, with plugins and themes already installed. The exact plugins and themes vary depending on which of the account plans one selects.

Omeka can work for you, no matter which Omeka your choose or how you install it.

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