News Omeka core and plugin updates are now available!

The Omeka team is very pleased to announce the release of Omeka 2.1.4. This maintenance release includes some style additions and corrections in the admin theme, as well as a fix to how records are sorted for newer versions of MySQL (thanks to Anurag Spatzenegger for reporting this).

Updated versions of the COinS and Exhibit Builder plugins are also bundled with this release, fixing an error in COinS for PHP 5.2. The updated Exhibit Builder plugin improves many parts of the styling, especially across interaction with many plugins, and expands the data returned by the API. (The Exhibit Builder update does not include the major new version now in release candidate status, so there is still time to help us with final testing!)

Read more details about the Omeka 2.1.4 in the release notes.

Updates to the Item Relations and CSVImport plugins are also now available. The update to Item Relations makes it compatible with Omeka 2.x. The update to CSVImport improves the import process by handling problematic data about collections better, and now provides much more information about problems in the import process to help in debugging.

Updated translations are included for Omeka, Exhibit Builder, and Item Relations. New translations for Omeka core are available for Welsh, Russion, and Traditional Chinese.

Many thanks, and happy building!

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