CSV Import by Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Imports items, tags, and files from CSV files.

The CSV Import plugin allows users to import items from a simple CSV (comma separate value) file, and then map the CSV column data to multiple elements, files, and/or tags. Each row in the file represents metadata for a single item.

When using this plugin, you may only import one item type (document, still image, sound, et al) at a time. You may perform multiple imports.

Version 1.3.3 includes an option to import CSV files exported from Omeka.net upon the termination of your account there. It will import all item types at once, and includes all files. It must be run within one week of the export being done.


License: GPL

Download v2.0.3

All Versions

Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 4, 2014 6, 2014 10, 2013
2.02.0-dev2.0February 21, 2013 17, 2012 8, 2011 1, 2011 24, 2011 22, 2011 22, 2011