News Just in time for winter holidays: an Omeka update

The Omeka team is happy to release a maintenance update for Omeka!

Version 2.1.3 addresses a problem when updating directly from pre-1.5 versions, cleans up some warnings and notices, and expands where translations are applied.

Speaking of translations, our friends have updated the Finnish, French, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, and Serbian translations, and created new translations for Slovenian.

For our Zotero users, the COinS plugin fixes an error in metadata representation.

The Thanks, Roy and Seasons themes are updated to work better with SSL connections. Seasons is also improved to handle complex displays like maps and videos better. Various improvements to the styling in the admin theme are also part of this release.

Please read the release notes for details.

Many thanks to all of you for the wonderful new and updated Omeka sites we’ve seen you build!

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