News Thanks everyone! And right back at ya with Omeka 2.0.1!

We here at team Omeka want to give a heartfelt “Thank you!” to everyone who voted for Omeka in the Digital Humanities Awards “Best DH tool or suite of tools” category. We were surprised and humbled to hear the news! Thank you!

We very much appreciate not only the votes, but more importantly the community of users and developers that has grown up around Omeka, and continues to grow. Your use of Omeka, encouragement, feedback, and forum discussions keep us very motivated to continue bringing you the best Omeka we can!

And so, we’d like the thank everyone who voted for Omeka the best way we know how: with a bugfix release and more updated plugins! Omeka 2.0.1 is ready to download, and fixes some issues with error handling, forms, and other minor issues (thanks to Iwe Muiser and Dave Widmer for reports and fixes) Localization has also been improved (thanks to Matti Lassila).

The Exhibit Builder and COinS plugins also have new versions, packaged with Omeka and available for download separately. These fix a problem with special cases when upgrading Exhibit Builder and memory use in COinS.

Please see the release notes for more details.

What’s more, four more popular plugins have now been upgraded to be compatible with Omeka 2.x.

CSV Import allow site administrators to import items via a comma-separated values file. The upgrade also includes better handling for multiple files, more versatility in how values are separated, and an auto-map feature that improves workflow with a standard set of column headings in your CSV file.

Collection Tree allows site administrators to create nested collections.

Pdf Text is a major rewrite of Pdf Search. It makes your PDF files attached to items searchable via Omeka 2.x’s new and overhauled search mechanism.

Social Bookmarking lets site administrators configure links to a widely expanded number of social media sites so your site visitors can share interesting items with others.

We know many of you are anxious to see some of our other plugins and themes updated to play well with the Omeka 2.x series. Never fear, we’re working on them (again, with some kind and much appreciated contributions from developers who have been giving them a sneak peek via our open repositories on GitHub)! They will be coming along shortly.

We also have a few new plugins that extend Omeka in exciting new directions nearing release. We hope that they will be helpful to site users, administrators, and developers alike. Stay tuned.

And again, thanks for voting!

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