News Releasing Omeka 1.5.2 and plugin updates

The Omeka dev team is pleased to announce the release of Omeka 1.5.2 and updates to the My Omeka, CSV Import, and Simple Pages plugins.

Omeka 1.5.2 fixes bugs relating to advanced search and the HTML editor. It also updates the language packs for several languages, and includes new translations for Arabic and Japanese.

Simple Pages 1.3 makes the HTML editor available within the Simple Pages editing screen, allowing users to more easily compose and style text.

CSV Import 1.3.4 resolves some issues when importing from’s CSV export, improves validation for allowed file sizes, and greatly enhances warnings about errors during the import process.

My Omeka 1.0.1 resolves issues relating to user interface and possible errors with some URL paths.

Simple Pages 1.3 is, as usual, bundled with the release of Omeka, but you can also download it directly from the link above.

Many thanks, and happy building!

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