News Omeka 1.5 has arrived!

All of us at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media are very pleased to announce that Omeka 1.5 is now ready for download, and it includes many improvements. Among the most exciting are:

Internationalization: You can now run Omeka in a variety of languages. Omeka 1.5 ships with complete translation files for Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, and Spanish. Partial translation files for Albanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese (Iberian), Spanish (Colombian) are also included. Many thanks to our teams of hard working translators! There are still more languages out there, so if you would like to contribute to Omeka by starting a new translation or by contributing to existing ones, sign up for an account at Transifex and join us! More detailed information about contributing is in this post. To switch your site to using a language other than English, please read this documentation.

File reordering: Upload a file to your item in the wrong order? That’s no longer a worry, as you can now reorder your files.

**Media Extension Awareness: **If Omeka cannot detect the file type by its MIME information, it will now fall back to using the file’s extension.

In addition to that and many bugfixes, we have added new tools and function for developers. Read the details in the release notes.

Finally, coinciding with this release are several new and/or improved plugins:

ZoteroImport: Import items from your Zotero collections

CollectionTree: Create hierarchical, nested collections

Commenting: Add comments to items, collections, and more

SimpleVocab: Create a simple controlled vocabulary

Scripto: Integrate with Scripto to make document transcription easy

ZoomIt: Display files with the viewer

ImageResize: Resize all your image files at once

These updated plugins require Omeka 1.5, so be sure to upgrade soon to give them a whirl.

Thanks, and happy collecting!

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