News Omeka Outreach Month

Six more weeks of winter lie ahead, making the forthcoming frigid days perfect for starting or tweaking an Omeka project. The Omeka team will be working hard as well in February during the newly-designated “Omeka Outreach Month.”

We plan to write a few blog posts, seek assistance with plugin and theme development, and drop a new version at the end of the month featuring new themes and updated plugins. We also want to tweet new Omeka projects, so please share URLs:

  • in an email: outreach at omeka dot org;

  • on Twitter: @omeka;

  • or by posting to the Showcase wiki.

To kick off the month, we set up a Designer-Developer Marketplace forum to serve as a virtual meeting space where anyone looking to showcase her/his Omeka design and development skills can connect with others in need of an experienced designer-developer.

If you want to help with Omeka outreach this month, contact us and we will send you some bookmarks to pass out at conferences or to impress your friends and co-workers.

Open-source projects need strong communities, and we want to extend our thanks to everyone for working together and sharing knowledge (and code) to build one around Omeka.

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