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  • 1886, digital library of university Bordeaux 3 (France), ~250 books and 5000 pictures:
    • Plugins: COinS, CSV Import, Dropbox, Extract OCR, Geolocation, IA Bookreader, Image Resize, OAI-PMH Repository, PDF Toc Simple Pages; list in french
  • 100 Years:The Rockefeller Foundation Documents 100 years of the Rockefeller Foundation's history
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, CVS import, Geolocation, GoogleAnalytics, Biographical, Simple Pages, SolrSearch
  • 1923 Project, The Alabama Art Education Association
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Social Bookmarking, Simple Pages.
  • 9/11 Living Memorial Digital Archive, graduate students in the MLS Program at Southern Connecticut State University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for ILS 652 Digital Archives, taught by Professor Nancy Florio.
    • Plugins: Dropbox, Geolocation, Exhibit Builder, LCSH


  • AfterClasses. AfterClasses wants to assist the students who are not as privileged to have support either after their regular class or at home. Saroj Johri.
  • American Merchant Marine Veteran's Oral History Project, Johnathan Thayer of the Seamen's Church Institute developed the oral history project and Alexandra Dolan-Mescal of CUNY Queens College developed the Omeka site. Gathering Oral Histories of Merchant Mariners Worldwide.
    • Plugins: Geolocation, Tagul Tag Cloud embedded.
  • APN E-Lib, Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research, Project DB (Theme developed using Twitter Bootstrap)
  • April 16 Archive, Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (CDDC), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    • Plugins: Contribution, Simple Pages
  • Archives Bourbaki, Laboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophie - Archives Henri Poincaré, CNRS, Université de Lorraine, France.
    • Plugins: COinS, CSV Import, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, MetadataBrowser, OAI-PMH Repository, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • Archivo Koluel, Archivo Histórico de la Patagonia Austral
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Exhibit Builder, Simple Contact Form
  • L'Arxiu de la Paraula Ateneu Barcelonès, sound recording collection result of several cultural activities hosted at Ateneu Barcelonès (Barcelona Athenaeum) since 1973.
    • Plugins: COinS, Collection Tree, CreativeCommonsChooser, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, ExhibitBuilder, HTML5 media, Image Resize, Item Order, Item Relations, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, SolrSearch
  • Apsida, Library of Cyprus University of Technology. Apsida is a digital repository of the Library of the Cyprus University of Technology containing a wide variety of historical content. It includes more than 9500 digitized documents, such as photographs, stamps, books, videos, caricatures and case studies. It contains both the digital collections that belong to the library and support the collections of the LoCloud European program.
    • Plugins: Collection Tree, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Guest user, Html5 media, OaiPmh Repository, Simple pages, Social Bookmarking"
  • Avery’s Architectural Ephemera Collections, Columbia University Libraries. Brochures, pamphlets, postcards, and other forms of architectural ephemera from Avery Library.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, CSV import, Simple Vocab


  • Babord-Num. Portage opérationnel du projet : Université de Bordeaux – Direction de la documentation - Service de coopération documentaire. Plan de numérisation et production : Matthieu Gerbault. Portage technique du projet : Université de Bordeaux – Direction des systèmes d’information. Installation et paramétrages : Eric Ceau-Bouchonnet, Philippe Marchand. Interface graphique : Sylvain Glaviano.Numérisation des documents : Société Arkhênum
    • Plugins: Bookreader, Coins, Dropbox, Extract OCR, Geolocation, OAI-PMH Harvester, OAI-PMH Repository, PDF TOC, Simple Pages, Social Bookmarking
  • Barney Rosset and China, Columbia University Libraries. Photographs taken 1944-1945 by Grove Press founder Barney Rosset when he was a photographer in the US Army Signal Corps in China.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, CSV import, Simple Vocab
  • BGC Craft, Art, and Design Oral History Project, Bard Graduate Center. The Bard Graduate Center Craft, Art and Design Oral History Project is an online archive of oral history interviews of contemporary craftspeople, artists and designers.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages
  • BGC Object of the Month Archive, Bard Graduate Center, Digital Media Lab. Object of the Month showcases a particular object from an exhibition at the BGC with a commentary written by a curator, professor, student or guest.
  • BMArchives, Archives of the Basel Mission / mission 21, Switzerland. Over 60.000 items, zoomable high-resolution maps and photos, instant search made with AJAX and interactive search.
    • Plugins: InstantSearch, Categories, PDFOutput, Google PicasaWeb + IIPImage
  • Bibliothèque Nancy Renaissance, Nancy public library (Bibliothèque-médiathèque de Nancy). A site about Renaissance in Nancy, showing manuscripts, books and prints.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, CreativeCommonsChooser, CSV Import, Dropbox, Geolocation, Social Bookmarking, PDF TOC.
  • Bibliothèque Numérique - Université Rennes 2, Rennes 2 University Library, Brittany, France
    • Plugins: Atom Output, Contribution, Simple Pages, Geolocation, CreativeCommonsChooser, Dublin Core Extended, MediaRSS, OAI-PMH Repository & Harvester, COinS
  • Bone Commons, Alexandria Archive Institute.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Contribution,
  • Booknotes, George Mason University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives, collection of 801 books used on C-SPAN’s Booknotes w/notes & marginalia from host Brian Lamb.
  • Bracero History Archive, Center for History and New Media, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Brown University, and The Institute of Oral History at the University of Texas at El Paso
    • Plugins: Contribution, Social Bookmarking, Simple Pages, MyOmeka
  • Braille SC, University of South Carolina, Upstate
    • Omeka + Wordpress
  • Bridges NYC: Postcards, Shayna Marchese, Queens College Graduate School of Library Science in Flushing, New York
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Simple Pages


  • Children & Youth in History, A world history resource that provides teachers and students with access to sources about young people from the past to the present. Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (Chris A. Raymond, designer; Jeremy Boggs, developer).
  • Children's Literature Archive, part of Centre for Digital Humanities, a Faculty of Arts research centre at Ryerson University.
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages
  • Civil Rights Movement Archives Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Simple Pages
  • The Civil War In Art: Teaching and Learning through Chicago Collections, Terra Foundation for American Art in partnership with The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago History Museum, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Library, The Dusable Museum of African American History and The Newberry Library.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Custom Search
  • Classicizing Philadelphia, Classicizing Philadelphia, a digital research and outreach project at Bryn Mawr College, seeks to document, study, and continue Philadelphia's conversation with Greece and Rome. Project Director: Lee T. Pearcy, Research Associate, Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies, Bryn Mawr College. Sponsors and Partners:Bryn Mawr College, The Classical Association of the Atlantic States, TriCo Digital Humanities, Interactive Mechanics
    • Exhibit Builder, Google Analytics, Shared Shelf Link, Simple Pages, Social Bookmarking
  • Claude Dityvon, Photothèque Claude Dityvon, BUA (Bibliothèque Universitaire d'Angers)
    • Plugins: COinS, Contribution, CSV Import, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, HTMLPurifier, Items Relations, My Omeka, Page Caching, SimpleContactForm, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, Site Notes
  • The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Digital Library, the Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. A searchable image database and exhibition platform dedicated to celebrating and communicating the history of medicine.
    • Plugins: COinS, CSV Import, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Hide Elements, OAI-PMH Repository, Search By Metadata, Simple Pages
  • Congregational Library Exhibits, showcasing selected digitized materials from our collections on the history of Boston, the Congregational denomination, 19th century missions and missionaries, and more.
  • Cornish Memory. Find photos, watch films, and listen to the stories of Cornwall's rich history from Victorian times to the present day.
    • Plugins: CSV Import.


  • The Daniel Gerould Archives, Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, CUNY Graduate Center, Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute. A scholar, teacher, translator, editor, and playwright, Gerould was a specialist in American melodrama, Central and Eastern European theatre of the twentieth century, and fin-de-siècle European avant-garde performance. This site memorializes him by collecting his works in digital archives.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Dropbox, Contribution, CSV Import, Collection Tree, Docs Viewer
  • Dante on Stamps Christopher D. Cook, An authoritative resource and comprehensive catalog of postage stamps, first day covers, cancellations, and other philatelic items depicting the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri.
    • Plugins: Dublin Core Extended, SimpleContactForm, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • DC Digital Museum, Jasper Collier, Curator of Digital Collections, Humanities Council of Washington, DC
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Geolocation
  • Dear Bird: The 1934 Courtship Letters, LBJ Presidential Library site designed to display the courtship letters sent between Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor and Lyndon Johnson during their 90 day courtship in the fall and winter of 1934
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Item Order, CSV Import, Dropbox
  • Digital Dos Passos, Amanda Visconti, University of Maryland Department of English
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Docs Viewer, Simple Pages
  • Digital History Archive of São Roque. Arthur Lovisolo. Digitizing public and private collections in São Roque, São Paulo, Brazil, that contains historically valuable documents such as old photographs, administrative books from the nineteenth century, maps, artwork, newspapers and periodicals, theses and dissertations, video and audio recordings, among others.
  • Digital Initiatives. Digital materials focused of regional Lowell history. University of Massachusetts Lowell Libraries.
    • Plugins: Collection Tree, CSV Import, Exhibit Builder, OAI-PMH Harvester, Simple Pages
  • digitalMETRO, Jason Kucsma, New York Metropolitan Library Council
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Contribution, Simple Contact Form, Simple Pages
  • Διογένεια - Diogeneia. Diogeneia is a digital collection of the Library and Information Centre, University of Patras, Greece.
    • Plugins: BookReader 2.3, Geolocation, Neatline TimeOAI-PMH Repository, Simple Pages
  • DIY History, Digital Research & Publishing, University of Iowa Libraries
    • Plugins: Scripto, CSV Import, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended
  • Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Archive, Kirsten Canfield, Librarian.
    • Plugins: Docs Viewer, Dublin Core Extended, Hide Elements, Search by Metadata, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, Social Bookmarking.
  • Documenting Teresa Carreño, Anna Kijas. Documenting Teresa Carreño is an open-access project, which will bring together select primary source materials, such as advertisements, announcements, and reviews from newspapers, with descriptions or annotations in order to document Carreño's career from 1862 - 1917. Access to criticism and reception of her performances, as well as other primary source documents, will be provided in original format when available or through transcription.
    • Plugins: COinS, CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, Geolocation, Item Order, Neatline, Scripto, Simple Pages
  • Dublin Core and Collective Bargaining Agreements, Bob Lucore, a student in the School of Information at San José State University, built this as a project for a course on Metadata that he took at the school in the Fall of 2014. Using Dublin Core and Omeka to organize labor-management agreements.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages


  • Earlham Exhibits Earlham College undergraduates
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab


  • Faculty of Information DisplayCase, Ivan Sestak - Heather Anderson - Martha Kroeker, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.
    • Plugins: Contribution, CSV Import, Intense Debate Comments, Simple Contact Form, Social Bookmarking, Terms of Service & Colorbox
  • Fifteenth-Century Italian Art. Nicole Riesenberger, PhD Candidate in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Graduate Assistant in Digital Art History in the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture.
    • Plugins: Neatline, Neatline Simile, Neatline Waypoints, Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages
  • The Five Colleges of Ohio Digital Exhibitions, various collections and exhibits from Denison, Kenyon, Wooster, Ohio Wesleyan, and Oberlin, many of them created by students and/or used in courses in the liberal arts curriculum.
  • Florida Memory Project State Archives of Florida showcases the Florida Photograhic Collection, video and audio collections, exhibits, and an online classroom
  • For Virginians: Government Matters, Site designed to improve teaching and learning of civics among Virginia high-school students
    • Plugins: Coins, Simple Pages, Custom Routes, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Tag Bandit, MyOmeka, OaiPmhRepository
  • Folk Horror, Stephen Gray. Dedicated to the new genre of folk horror, in print and on the screen.
    • Plugins: Simple pages, social bookmarking, oai-pmh repository
  • FC150, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, a site to collect user-contributed story nominations for the Fort Collins Sesquicentennial.
    • Plugins: Contribution, Geolocation, Social Bookmarking, Simple Pages
  • Franco American Library, Franco-American Centre, University of Maine
    • Plugins: COinS, Contribution, Geolocation, IntenseDebate Comments, Simple Pages, Social Bookmarking, Sort Browse Results, Zotero Import
  • From farms to freeways: Women's memories of Western Sydney. Western Sydney Women's Oral History Project. The From Farms to Freeways oral history project has been developed under the Major Open Data Collections project at University of Western Sydney (UWS). Digitisation and OCR conversion of the existing printed transcripts was undertaken by UWS Library. The Library also kindly funded the digitisation of the existing audio cassette recordings, undertaken by DAMsmart in Canberra.This MODC project is supported by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program.
    • Plugins: Exhibits, Simple Pages, CSV Import, Map, Item History Logs
  • From Kinema to Caligari: Sources Arno Bosse, Department of Comparative Literature, Division of the Humanities, University of Chicago
    • Plugins: AddThis, Atom, Coins, CSV Import, DocViewer, Dropbox, IntenseDebate, SimpleContact, SimplePages, SimpleVocab, XMLSiteMap
  • Frost on Chickens. Contains Robert Frost's poultry trade journal articles and documents his life as a chicken farmer in the early 1900s. Emily Marsh, National Agricultural Library, USDA.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Item Order, Search by Metadata, Simple Pages
  • Fuentes de la Autonomía de Andalucía, Fundación Centro de Estudios Andaluces
    • Plugins: AddThis, Atom, Clean URL, Coins, Contribution, CSV Import, DocViewer, Download Logger, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, File Download, Geolocation, Google Analytics, MyOmeka, OAI-PMH Repository, SimpleContact, SimplePages, SimpleVocab, Site Notes, Subject Browse, Wikicite for Omeka,


  • George Mason University: A History, a digital exhibition tracing the history of George Mason University from 1949 to the present. Features photographs, textual documents, video, and audio. Special Collections & Archives, George Mason University Libraries.
  • Gent 1913 Virtueel Institute for Public History (IPG) at Ghent University (Belgium), and Department of History, Department of Architecture, University Library, City Archives, City Heritage Council and STAM-City Museum.
    • Plugins: Coins, CSV import, dropbox, exhibit builder, image resize, LCSH, simple pages, social bookmarking,
  • Goin' North: Stories from the First Great Migration to Philadelphia. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Migration, we have drawn on oral history interviews to build a digital archive and tell digital stories about the Great Migration to Philadelphia. In fall 2014, West Chester University Professors Janneken Smucker and Charles Hardy taught “Digital Storytelling and the Great Migration to Philadelphia,” a combined course teaming West Chester University graduate students enrolled in Professor Smucker’s graduate seminar in digital history with undergraduate Honors College students and history majors enrolled in Professor Hardy’s special topics course. The semester of work resulted in Goin' North.
    • Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages
  • Gothic Past, a visual archive for the study of medieval Irish architecture and sculpture from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, MyOmeka, Simple Pages, Geolocation, Simple Contact Form, Intense Debate Comments, CSV Import, Social Bookmarking.
  • Greenwich Village History, New York University Archives and Public History Program.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, Geolocation, Site Notes, TimeLine, and Library of Congress Subject Headings.
  • Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives, Center for History and New Media in partnership with the Gulag Museum at Perm 36, Perm, Russia and the International Memorial Society, Moscow, Russia
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder


  • Haystack, Digital archives for the Cleveland Colby Colgate Archives, Colby-Sawyer College
    • Plugins: CSVImport, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, LCSH, Simple Contact Form, Simple Pages, SimpleVocab, SubjectBrowse
  • HERB: Social History for Every Classroom, American Social History Project / Center for Media and Learning, Graduate Center, City University of New York. New York, NY.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Docs Viewer, Dublin Core Extended, Geolocation, Simple Contact Form, Simple Pages, Site Notes, Tag Bandit, Focus Questions, Custom Time Periods
  • Henri Poincaré, du mathématicien au philosophe, Laboratoire d'Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophie - Archives Henri Poincaré, CNRS, Université de Lorraine, France.
    • Plugins: COinS, CSV Import, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, MetadataBrowser, OAI-PMH Repository, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • Herstories: A Digital Collection, Created by students at Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science for the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, NY.
    • Plugins: Collection Tree, CSV Import, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, HTML5Media, Item Order, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • Himalayan Collections at Yale explores the links between Yale’s exceptional collections from and about the Himalayan region. Mark Turin (Yale University),Sarah Calhoun (Yale University Librarian for South Asian Studies), Daniel Ho (Independent Graphic Designer), Trip Kirkpatrick (Yale University ITS, Senior Instructional Technologist), Peter Leonard (Yale University Librarian for Digital Humanities Research), Chika Ota (Yale University Office of the Printer, Graphic Designer), Luke Wagner (Yale University Department of Sociology, Teaching Fellow)
    • Plugins: Bulk Users, Commenting, CSV Import, Derivative Images, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Google Analytics, HTML5 Media, Neatline (and Neatline Time), OpenLayers Zoom, Simple Pages
  • Histories of the National Mall Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. Responsive, mobile, site exploring the history of the National Mall in Washington, DC.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Geolocation, Simple Vocab, MallMap (custom), Search by Metadata
  • Hollywood Goes to War, This site was created in 2013 by public history undergraduate students at Kennesaw State University as part of their course curriculum. The exhibit has become part of the Museum of History and Holocaust Education's ( suite of online exhibits.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder
  • Host to the World - The Waldorf Astoria Archive, a digital history of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, built by Maneesha Patel, Caitlin Arndt, Jonathan Stas & Erin Allsop.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Item Order, Simple Pages, Item Relations
  • Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, Center for History and New Media and the University of New Orleans
    • Plugins: Contribution, Geolocation (older version), Simple Pages



  • James Monroe Papers, University of Mary Washington history students
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Geolocation
  • John Harry Virtual Archive, Sergey Lobachev. Collection of digitized documents of Dr. John Harry (1781-1852), a staff surgeon to the Embassy of Count Yuri Golovkin to China and physician to Princess Anna Pavlovna of Russia.
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Exhibit Builder, LC Suggest, Record Relations, SimpleContactForm, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • Justine's Stamps, a personal topic stamp collection featuring Authors, Books, Libraries, Computers, Flowers, Printing and Telecomm.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages


  • Katrina's Jewish Voices, Jewish Women’s Archive and the Center for History and New Media
    • Plugins: Contribution, Geolocation, MyOmeka, Simple Pages
  • Kiosque Lorrain, Nancy public library (Bibliothèque-médiathèque de Nancy). A digital library of daily newspapers in Lorraine between 1797 and 1945.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, CSV Import, Social Bookmarking, OAI PMH repository, NewspaperReader


  • Lewis & Clark Digital Collections This site features digitized versions of photographs, manuscripts, books, and audio/video recordings from the Aubrey R. Watzek Library Archives & Special Collections.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, CSV Import, Simple Pages
  • Lewis & Clark Senior Art This collection showcases artwork created by Lewis & Clark College Senior Studio Art Majors, from 1993-present.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages
  • Lincoln at 200, Newberry Library and Chicago History Museum
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages
  • Lowcountry Digital History Initiative, Lowcountry Digital Library, College of Charleston Libraries. LDHI is a platform for collaborative partners to translate scholarly research, multi-institutional archival materials, and historic landscape features into digital public history exhibitions about the South Carolina Lowcountry and historically interconnected Atlantic World.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Exhibit Grid, Fedora Connector, HTML5 Media, Neatline, Neatline Widgets, Neatline Time, Shortcode Carousel, Simple Pages


  • Making a world with a Hundred Things, Bard Graduate Center. This collection was formed by the members of the fall 2012 seminar, “Tangible Things: Observing, Collecting, Sorting.”
    • Plugins: Simple Pages
  • Making History: Transcribe: a crowdsourced transcription of historical documents. Transcribe is built upon the open-source generosity of George Mason University's Center for History and New Media and was an original creation by the amazing staff at The University of Iowa Libraries. Their project, DIYHistory|transcribe, can be found at with their github repository located at The Library of Virginia made only minor changes to UI-Libraries solution all of which can be found within the Scripto and Scribe github repositories under LVA (
    • Plugins: Scripto, Scribe. The Library of Virginia has also deployed a self built Export plugin that retrieves the transcription text from Omeka in a format ready to be imported into our digital asset management system.
  • Mapping the Migration of Mount Moragan Houses, Museum of Central Queensland Inc., Arts Queensland, Kings AD Media Ltd. (NZ), School of Education and the Arts, CQUniversity.
    • Plugins: Contribution, Geolocation, Guest User, Simple Pages.
  • Media and Materiality, Bard Graduate Center. A new approach to to telling the story of how materiality impacts the role of different media on cultural experience.
    • Plugins: Neatline Simile; Simple Pages
  • Prosper Morey : itinéraire d'un architecte, Nancy public library (Bibliothèque-médiathèque de Nancy)
    • Plugins : Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, CreativeCommonsChooser, CSV Import, Dropbox, Geolocation, Social Bookmarking + Zoomify
  • Minnan salonki, Site dedicated to the Finnish author and dramatist Minna Canth. Kuopio City Library, Finland.
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Google Analytics, Item Order, OAI-PMH Repository, Search By Metadata, Simple Contact Form, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • MoRE museum, Alberto Salarelli, Marco Scotti and Anna Zinelli for Associazione Culturale Others, CAPAS centre of the University of Parma, Italy. MoRE is a digital museum that collects, preserves and exhibits on-line refused and unrealised art projects of the XX and XXI century.
    • Plugins: COinS, Docs Viewer, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Neatline, Search By Metadata, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab
  • Movimientos Armados Mexicanos, Primary documents related to armed political movements in México. Alberto Santiago Martinez, Project Leader/Design/programming; Eduardo Rivero, Lead Programmer, Biblioteca Daniel Cosio Villegas (Library) at El Colegio de Mexico; Professor Verónica Oikión, from El Colegio de Michoacán prinicpal curator of the documents as part of the research that led to the publication of "La transición en México. Una historia documental 1910-2010".
    • Plugins: Docs Viewer, CSV Importer
  • Mlibrary Online Exhibits, University of Michigan, Hatcher Graduate Library
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Zoomify, CSV Import, Dropbox, Cosign, omlibrary


  • De Nederlandse Volkserhalenbank FACT (Folktales As Classifiable Texts) project is supported by the CATCH (Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage) program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The FACT project is a collaboration between the University of Twente, the Meertens institute Amsterdam and the University of Tilburg.
    • Plugins: DatabaseTransfer, Dropbox, ExhibitBuilder, Geolocation, GuestUser,ItemEditLock, MetaMetaData, SimpleContactForm, SimplePages, SimpleVocab, SocialBookmarking, VerhalenbankFunctions
  • Nicholas V. Artamonoff Collection, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives of Dumbarton Oaks
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Geolocation, Dublin Core Extended, CSV Import, SimpleContactForm


  • The Object of History Center for History and New Media and the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History
    • Plugins: MyOmeka
  • Ohio Civil War 150 Ohio Historical Society, CSU Center for Public History + Digital Humanities, and Ohio Humanities Council
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Contribution
  • OpenSNH,, University of Gävle, Mid Sweden University and Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company.
    • Plugins: Dublin Core Extended, CVS Import, HTML5 Media Player, Simple Contact Form, Simple Vocab, Doc Viewer, Exhibit Builder
  • OUR Heritage, Otago University Research Heritage is a window into the cultural, heritage and historical material within the University of Otago's Hocken Collections and Special Collections (Dunedin, New Zealand).
    • Plugins: AddThis, Atom, CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Item Relations, Library of Congress Subject Headings, OAI-PMH Repository, PDF Search, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab


  • A Parcel of Ribbons, Site looking at the genealogy and history of the sugar plantations in Jamaica built with Wordpress and Personal Ancestry Files
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Contact Form, Simple Pages, Social Bookmarking, Terms of Service
  • People and the Post: A Digital Memory Book, A site for current and former postal workers to share their stories. Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (Chris A. Raymond, designer; Ken Albers, developer); National Postal Museum
  • The Petition Archives Will Riley, former programmer at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University
  • Plat Maps of Racine and Kenosha Counties, UW-Parkside Archives and Area Research Center. Plat maps from Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin. Includes links to map overlays in Google Maps and Google Earth.
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, CSV Import, Dublin Core Extended"
  • Playing History Trevor Owens, Community Lead for Zotero project at the Center for History and New Media and Jim Safley, Web Programmer and Digital Archivist for the Center for History and New Media
    • Plugins: Social Bookmarking
  • PULSAR, Lorraine University Digital Library, Nancy, France
    • Plugins: CSV Import, XML Import, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, Dropbox,


  • Queens College Civil Rights Archives, Queens College Department of Special Collections and Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Simple Pages
  • Queens College Print History Collection, Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archive. Exploring Early Print digitally
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Geolocation, CSV Import, Dropbox, LC Suggest, Image Resize, Simple Vocab


  • The Rabat Genizah Project. The Rabat Genizah Project brings together an international team of community representatives, scholars, archivists, and information technologists to develop a digital archive of Moroccan Jewish documents.
    • Plugins: Scripto, DublinCore Extended
  • Remembering the Real Winnie. Remembering the Real Winnie: The World's Most Famous Bear Turns 100 is a multi-disciplinary project comprising an exhibition and publication, a collection website, an interactive website and a film. This project was executed by a wide range of Ryerson University students, alumni, and faculty, as well as partners from the broader community.
    • Plugins: Geolocation, Bookreader


  • A Sailor's Life in the New Steel Navy David Colamaria, George Mason University Graduate Student, Applied History
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, Docs Viewer, IntenseDebate Comments, XMLSiteMap
  • St. Margaret's Village Archive, St Margaret's Village archive, archive of digitized images, documents, and other historical material related to the village of St Margaret's, Kent including St Margaret's at Cliffe, St Margaret's Bay,Nelson Park, Westcliffe and Oxney.
  • SCXY History SC2008 20th Anniversary Committee, IEEE Computer Society/ACM
    • Plugins: Exhibit Builder
  • SCI Digital Archives Seamen's Church Institute
    • Plugins: Collection Tree, Comments, CSV Import, Docs Viewer, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Item Order, Item Relations, Simple Pages, Simple Vocab, Social Bookmarking
  • ScienceTweets, A collaborative initiative of the e-Knownet project
  • Science Meets Art, Caitlin Alyse Baiduc, HASTAC Scholar at Temple University. Online compendium of creative projects which either span the art-science interface or which reflect upon the nature of humankind’s evolving relationships with other species.
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Geolocation
  • Scottish Chapbooks. Scottish Chapbook Collection University of Guelph. The Scottish Chapbooks Project at the University of Guelph is a collaboration between the Library’s Archival & Special Collections and the Department of History. The Project is generously supported by the Scottish Studies Foundation and the Jane Grier Family Fund.
    • Plugins: Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, LC Suggest, PDF Embed, PDF Text, Simple Pages, Simple Vocabulary, Social Bookmarking
  • Sinai Icon Collection. Julie Angarone, Julia Gearhart, Princeton University Department of Art & Archaeology
    • Plugins: CSV Import, Simple Pages, Default Sort, Exhibit Builder, Simple Contact Form
  • SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85, Nick Kaye, Project Director, Dean of Humanities and Professor of Performance Studies, University of Exeter, UK, Richard Holding and Gary Stringer of the Digital Humanities Team, College of Humanities, University of Exeter, UK. SiteWorks: San Francisco Performance 1969-85 is an ongoing site-specific curation of archival remains of past ephemeral art and performance in the present city of San Francisco.
    • Plugins: Geolocation (heavily modified), HTML5, COinS, SimplePages, Neatline Timeline (modified)
  • Square Dance, audio, video archive collection that will build into a detailed discussion of the development of this form of American social dance.
  • Stark & Subtle Divisions: A Collaborative History of Segregation in Boston. Created by graduate students in the History and American Studies departments at UMass Boston, this site showcases letters, photographs, legal documents, artifacts, and interviews that explore de facto segregation in Boston and the federally-mandated desegregation of Boston public schools. Students unearthed materials from various collections in separate Boston archives, selected a representative sampling, and presented them here, together, in new collaborative context. Graduate students in the History and American Studies departments at UMass Boston enrolled in the course, "Transforming Archives in a Digital Age” (taught by professor Marilyn Morgan). Students: Krystle Beaubrun, Corinne Bermon, Katie Burke, Paul Fuller, Kristin Harris, Claudia Heske, Moriah Illsley, Laura Kintz, Rebecca Lewis, Jacob Lusk, Vini Maranan, Caitlin Pinkham, and Lauren Prescott.
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  • Stitching History from the Holocaust, UW-Milwaukee Libraries Digital Humanities Lab and the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. Recovered artifacts as a window into the lives of those who perished
    • Plugins: Simple Pages, Shortcode Carousel
  • The Stradbroke Village Archive. The Stradbroke Archive and Records Association (SARA) are creating this archive about the small Suffolk village of Stradbroke based on the collection of local history made by The Stradbroke Local History Group
  • The Story of the Beautiful: Freer, Whistler and their Points of Contact, an online interactive archive of The Freer Gallery's Peacock Room, in collaboration with Wayne State University
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  • Tarble Arts Center- Folk Archives, Jamie Olson, Mike Schuetz. Showcase of the TAC- Folk Archives collection of photos, films, and sound recordings.
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  • Teaching at Laurel Grove, Laurel Grove School Association and the Center for History and New Media
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  • A Thin Ghost, Site dedicated to the fictions of M.R. James
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  • The Travel Letters of Mrs. Kindersley. This site provides access to the travel letters of Mrs. Jemima Kindersley, first published in 1777 as Letters from the Island of Teneriffe, Brazil, the Cape of Good Hope, and the East Indies. In addition, there are maps, images, and descriptions of her journey.
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  • Uncurated History. History of the Historical Marker of Portland Maine. Kate Herbert, for University of Southern Maine, American and New England Studies program Master's Thesis Project.
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  • U.S. Naval War College Naval Historical Collection, US Naval War College and Digital Ark
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  • VCU Libraries Gallery, Discover rare and intriguing materials held in Special Collections and Archives at VCU Libraries. Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
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  • Virginia Tech Special Collections Online,This site features digital collections of rare and unique materials such as letters, diaries, photographs, films, maps, newspapers, posters, reports and other media from the Special Collections of Virginia Tech. Adrienne Serra, Technical Archivist
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  • Virtual Belle Vue. Chetham's Library (Manchester, UK) and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (primary funders). The Belle Vue, Manchester, UK Collection at Chetham's Library
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  • Virtual Volunteering, Carnamah Historical Society. Assisting the virtual transcription of historical records.
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  • Voices for the Lake ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center/Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
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  • VUMC through Time, Eskind Biomedical Library, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. VUMC through Time contains over a thousand images depicting Vanderbilt Medical Center's people and places, from the late 19th century through to the recent past.
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  • Waterpolo International Archive, Archive and Bibliography for Waterpolo, Alex Nice, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
    • Plugins: CSVImport, DocsViewer, Dropbox, Dublin Core Extended, Exhibit Builder, Google Translate, LCSH, SimpleContactForm, Simple Pages, SimpleVocab, SocialBookmarking
  • Wearing Gay History, Eric Nolan Gonzaba, Creator; Amanda Regan, Digital Design Consultant, George Mason University. Wearing Gay History is an online archive of t-shirts and other clothing items from numerous lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender archives across the United States. The site and exhibits explore the history of the LGBT community through t-shirts from the past four decades.
    • Plugins: COinS, Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Geolocation, Item Order, Library of Congress Subject Headings, LC Suggest, Simple Pages, Commenting, Simple Contact Form
  • Wooster Digital History Project, College of Wooster. The rich history of Wooster, Ohio and surrounding areas.
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  • WHS Archive Worthington Historical Society in Worthington, Massachusetts
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