Omeka Devel

By Chris Padilla, Martin Bernard This plugin adds Kint debugging functionality to your site.
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Omeka Devel

This plugin enables Kint PHP debugging in your Omeka site.


Install and activate this plugin on your Omeka site.

You now have access to Kint commands when working on any PHP file within the site.

Usage (from Kint):

The default Kint behavior uses the d() function to display variables, arrays, and objects in an easy to read collapsible display.


Kint::dump($GLOBALS, $_SERVER); // pass any number of parameters
d($GLOBALS, $_SERVER); // or simply use d() as a shorthand

Kint::trace(); // Debug backtrace
d(1); // Debug backtrace shorthand

Kint::$enabled_mode = false; // Disable kint
d('Get off my lawn!'); // Debugs no longer have any effect

In Omeka, for theme templates use d($view) to explore the view object. For examples in plugin files, d($record) will display the database record object.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
1.1May 06, 2022 [info]