By Scholars' Lab Allows administrators to draw things on maps and associate them with an Omeka item.
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NeatlineFeatures offers the ability to graphically encode and edit geospatial shape metadata for Omeka items. This is stored in the coverage field alongside the textual coverage information, allowing you to add rich, multi-faceted geospatial metadata.


  • Upload the ‘NeatlineFeatures’ plugin directory to your Omeka installation’s plugin directory. See Installing a Plugin.
  • Activate the plugin from the admin → Settings → Plugins page.


Once installed, NeatlineFeatures adds an option to the Coverage field for the Dublin Core Element Set named "Use Map."

Add Coverage

Go to the Item Edit view for the item you want to associate a geospatial feature with. Scroll to the Coverage field and select "Use Map"

This will reveal a map with some basic editing tools. If your browser supports this and if you give this page permission to know where you are, the map will also center on your current location.

Simply zoom to the location you want to draw a feature on, select the drawing tool, and draw.

There are three drawing tools, from left to right:

  • Polygon is for drawing multi-sided, closed shapes;
  • Point is for drawing points;
  • Line is for drawing lines and open shapes; and
  • Selection is for selecting and editing the shapes.

Along the bottom of the map are also a number of tools you can us to change shapes you've selected:

  • Save View bookmarks the zoom level and map center point, which will be used whenever anyone views that coverage map;
  • Delete removes a feature from the map;
  • Drag adds a point to the shape so you can drag it to another location;
  • Scale adds a point to the lower right of the shape so you can scale it and flip it; and
  • Rotate adds a point to the lower right of the shape so you can rotate it.

NeatlineFeatures also provides you a choice of base layers for your map. To select a different base layer, click on the stack of papers in the upper-right corner of the coverage map and select from the list.

Textual Information

The feature metadata is in addition to the standard coverage field. You can still enter text and HTML into the coverage field.

View Coverage

Once you have drawn a coverage on an item, an interactive map viewer will appear on the item view with the coverage you drew.

Any text entered in the coverage field will display under the map.

Note: If you are a theme developer, be sure to include the  public_append_to_items_show() hook where you want the map to appear in your theme.


We use an issue tracker for feedback on issues and requested improvements. If you have general questions, you may also post them to the Omeka Forums  or the Omeka Developers Group.



  • Martin Liebeskind (German)
  • Gillian Price (Spanish)
  • Oguljan Reyimbaeva (Russian)
  • Katina Rogers (French)
Version Released Minimum Omeka version
2.0.5August 12, 2014 [info]2.0
2.0.4July 02, 2014 [info]2.0