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Neatline is a lightweight, extensible framework for creating interactive editions of visual materials - maps, paintings, photographs, and anything else that can be captured as an image.

Built as a plugin for Omeka, a collection-management framework developed by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, Neatline adds a digital map-making environment that makes it easy to represent geospatial information as a collection of "records" plotted on a map, which can be bound together into interactive exhibits that tell stories and make arguments.

Designed for scholars, archivists, journalists, and students, Neatline provides a flexible set of tools that can be adapted to fit the needs of a wide range of digital mapping projects. In addition to the core content management system, Neatline exposes a flexible programming API and "sub-plugin" system makes it easy for developers to add custom functionality for specific projects - everything from simple UI widgets up to really elaborate modifications that extend the core data model and add completely new interactions.

Version Released Minimum Omeka version
2.6.4May 19, 2021 [info]2.0
2.6.3July 29, 2019 [info]2.0
2.6.2May 29, 2019 [info]2.0
2.6.1November 22, 2017 [info]2.0
2.6.0September 19, 2017 [info]2.0
2.5.3July 28, 2017 [info]2.0
2.5.2June 21, 2017 [info]2.0
2.3.0July 24, 2014 [info]2.0
2.2.1February 13, 2014 [info]2.0
2.2.0January 15, 2014 [info]2.0
2.1.1September 30, 2013 [info]2.0
2.1.0September 24, 2013 [info]2.0
2.0.4August 14, 2013 [info]2.0
2.0.3August 09, 2013 [info]2.0
2.0.2August 07, 2013 [info]2.0
2.0.1July 10, 2013 [info]2.0
2.0.0July 08, 2013 [info]2.0